Saturday, March 17, 2018

City doesn't really care what Blissville (or anyone) thinks


JQ LLC said...

No offense to the folks in Blissville, but why did the city bother to have a town hall since they did it anyway?

It's clear that the DHS dumped them there because like the town's legend, the people thought they wouldn't notice. And they think they have carte blanche too.

This is a scandal that needs a RICO style investigation. Especially since a major hotel chain is blatantly profiting from poverty at the expense and fomenting frustration and duress on the citizenry.

Zoë said...

I found a place near the diner in Maspeth and like it.
Blissville could be a really nice neighborhood along that canal if the city fixed it up.
Convert those old factory's into restaurants, clubs, hotels some water taxis. The layout is perfect for a Queens Riviera. Id say its time to buy cheap because the shelter issue may not last long. Most those homeless are from other states that come to New York during winter for all the free stuff.

Anonymous said...

City cant legally steal all those surrounding homes like they did in Willets Point, New London or force those homeowners to take in sec 8s.
Under this tactic they are using the homeless as a form of para-military to "white flight" the older homeowners. Those and anybody else who resist deBlasios grand vision of Social Democracy
Plane and simple this is a blight & grab real estate scheme.

If the mayor just stopped handing out all the sanctuary protections, free stuff and free housing all these people would not be coming here and HES KNOWS it. This Marxist DeBlasio is using the homeless as his own personal military to get things done he cant do legally due to laws and homeowners protected rights. So his only choice to drive homeowners out is blight their neighborhoods.
Why cant people see this, why keep re-electing such bastard Marxists, what's wrong with New Yorkers ?

Anonymous said...

It's called "Pay to play" !
We the tax payers are paying the bill while the rich get richer off our hard work.

Anonymous said...

Queens, Newtown creek, Rust Street is the next French Riviera ?
What the F~~ !

Queens Crapper said...

"Convert those old factory's into restaurants, clubs, hotels some water taxis."

Except for the land being highly contaminated and those factories providing things such as jobs, this is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Blissville is not too far from LIC and Sunnyside. LIC is too expensive and oversatuated. I wonder if the area has a zoning that favorable to developers. Could the reason for this concentration of homeless shelter be an attempt by debozo and his crony developers to force the area residents to sell their homes at rock bottom prices…Think about it, as evil as it may sound, I would not pull it pass them. Blissville is up for grabs… hand tight guys and fight them tooth and nail.

Joe Moretti said...

The layout is perfect for a Queens Riviera.

Really, sounds like something an idiot elected official like Katz would say or some greedy real estate developer. Nothing like having a vacation spot in some of the most polluted water. AND this is the type of thinking that causes even more gentrification and exorbitant prices.

Aren't we all over all this shitty over-development by now. We don't need a "Queens Riveria", there is already shitty LIC by the sea. We need Queens to be what it once was, a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Now we need a place to get away from the crap of Queens.

Sunnyside Al said...

I grew up near this area,which is a bit far from public transportation. It might be a stretch to do any mass development because walking to the 7 train could take 15-20 minutes. At the same time, the city could be filling the streets with homeless to get the law-abiding citizens out of the area. The only buyers would be corporations, who would only plan to use the property as a warehouse. The place doesn’t have too many full-time residents for a reason. Would the city claim eminent domain on the remaining residentsand some warehouses? To build what? Van Dam Street, and its surrounding areas, before the LIE (Blissville) is just too out of the way for most to travel by foot.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who'd still build a factory in NYC given both the cost of land and the level of taxation and regulation.

Anonymous said...

They need to rename that area, Bliss is hardly the emotion I feel whenever I am in that part of Queens. Shitsville is a more appropriate name.

Anonymous said...

Shitsville,may be an appropriate name with literally no community resource except isolation and desolation. Yet the mayor is so sensitive fir tge plight of the homeless he is willling with his love and kindness to place the vulnerable in such an isolated and desolate location hiding away in shame those he lovingly cares for.