Monday, March 5, 2018

Woodside CSX tracks are a mess

From CBS 2:

“Here, where it’s a private company and private property, it’s impossible for the city to even get in there,” City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer told Duddridge.

Neighbors are now adding rodents to their list of complaints, saying the animals are running rampant.

“We don’t now want the rats and mice and whatever seeping into our homes and apartments,” said Corrao.

The New York City Department of Sanitation says its cleaning unit inspected the area last month. It says CSX has been notified and has seven to 10 days to either clean up or sanitation crews will at the company’s expense.

There’s still one more hurdle – the sanitation department can’t clean up the property until a judge grants crews a warrant to enter the grounds.


Joe Moretti said...

BUT the issue is not CSX, the problem our many of our wonderful slob diverse population who are throwing the garbage out the apartment windows near that area and/or slobs passing by. YET with the exception of the Asian girl, who stated that, no one, including the hack Jimmy said that and neither do any of our elected officials. AND why didn't the reporter mention where the garbage is coming from and how it got there. BAD REPORTING. I mean watching this you would think CSX is the culprit, but it is not. THE LOW-CLASS slobs that leave it Queens. Notice how the woman who has live there for decades, stated that it started five years ago. No doubt that there has been a surge of new immigrants into that area in the last five years who do that shit in their own country and made a mess of it and now are here in the USA and making a mess of this country as well.

WHY isn't this ever mentioned. I mean look at Queens, when did you really start to see major quality of life issues like garbage, cementing over everything green, illegal conversions.....................about 15 years ago, the last time of a big mass immigration into Queens from countries like Bengaili, etc that have major garbage/trash issues in their countries.

REALITY CHECK that most do not want to talk about. Don't mention to your doctor you have a lump in your breast or testicle, then down the road you have metastatic cancer then die.

TRUTH hurts, but is the only way to deal with problems.

Anonymous said...

what is Mr. JVB doing there -- this is not his district it is Danny Dromm he should be worrying about Sunnyside and his Woodside district -

Anonymous said...

Ok there let's calm down with the 'it's those bengali's fault' and settle in for an actual education on this issue.

When white people lived in this area in the 70s, they would roll stolen and abandoned cars down the embankment and onto the tracks. If you know where to look, not far from Holden's house, the crushed remains of a car are still down there hidden in the weeds.

This problem never really went away. People living near these tracks have, for decades, used it as their own personal dump, to a point where the RR kept snow plows on their trains year round.

Every decade or so, the tracks get a little clean up. The trash builds up again, and we repeat the same cycle, just with some new elected claiming he is fixing it once and for all when we all KNOW that in 5-10 years there will be someone claiming the same thing.

Of course, it is nowhere near as bad as it used to be with the auto-dumping, but hey, don't let my firsthand knowledge and facts get in the way of a good anti-white people klan chat.

Crazy Ranting Garbage Lady of 43rd Ave said...

I have been battling (i.e., trying to clean) just one block of the railroad overpass for 4 years now, and it has been a struggle that has left me furious, mentally drained, and with markedly decreased faith in my fellow human beings (at least the ones who live near me). The railroad is not to blame. In fact, they send crews to clean up the overpasses pretty frequently- just not as frequently as the local slobs require. It’s not just locals who are the problem- ppl come from all over to dump their piles of crap (eg, construction debris, apartment cleanouts). (Srsly, I’ve seen materials with addresses from other boroughs and L.I.) But outside dumpers don’t bother me as much as the filthy lazy garbage-indifferent* (*JM’s term) losers who just ignore the filth rather than calling it in to 311 or, God forbid, picking up litter or painting over graffiti themselves! I can go on and on. Yeah, definitly not the Railroad’s fault. Honestly the overpasses and tracks and RR enclosures don’t look any filthier than any other residential or commercial block in Craphurst. The streets are decorated with drug bags, needles & spoons, open plastic bags full of piss.... This sh*t is EVERYWHERE, not just along the railroad.

georgetheatheist said...

7-10 days to clean it up? How about 24 -48 hours?

Joe Moretti said...

Anonymous said...

Ok there let's calm down with the 'it's those bengali's fault' and settle in for an actual education on this issue.
Guess you never lived near in a community with a large Bengali population as I once did. Just take a look at Hillside in Jamaica for the answer.

Funny when a person speaks truth, they are always called "racist" or in anonymous terms "anti-white people klan chat".

Anonymous said...

People have been dumping trash on railroad property since the beginning of time and people have been complaining for as long.I know it's a big job but the railroad like any other property owner has to maintain the property and that requires periodic cleanups.I live near the CSX tracks in Elmhurst and I've never seen them do a cleanup.I contacted CSX with an offer to get community volunteers to help and never got a response.

Anonymous said...

Once someone throws one can, another will join, and when two cans get together.... Sadly, it is not just CSX tracks, Amtrak has the same issue and the same laws stopping sanitation from cleaning up. We have asked for a clean out on Amtrak for the past 4 years and so far nothing has been done.