Thursday, March 1, 2018

Following ICE on patrol

From PIX11:

ICE agents went to the Bronx Criminal Courthouse a few weeks ago to arrest Aboubacar Dembele, following the African immigrant's court hearing to contest an assault charge.

“The media does not focus on all of these criminals that we’re going after," Genalo said, "Rather than focus on the criminals that we’re trying to remove, and that we’re arresting in the community, they’d rather take and focus on the small percentage of the cases that you just mentioned."

In Jersey City, Genalo’s team made its final arrest of the day – cuffing a multiple drug offender from the Dominican Republic with two deportations on his record.

“I know I made a mistake," he said.

Jamaican immigrant Andrea Stibo, a legal resident, has mixed feelings about the direction of the nation's immigration policy.

“You're not supposed to overstay your visa,” she said.

Like so many legal, documented immigrants, Stibo wonders if there is room in some cases, for compassionate policy enforcement.

“If you coming, and you stay over your welcome, and you don’t commit no crime – no, you got the right to stay,” Stibo said.

When confronted with her contradiction, Stibo responded, “I don’t have no sympathy for criminals.”


georgetheatheist said...

When will ICE arrest de Blasio? . . and his ilk?

Anonymous said...

Anazing how people use the Costanza theory to interpret the law. If i dont think it is illegal then it isn’t..

Anonymous said...

Please deport more here. If I was a legal immigrant, I would be very upset that they allow illegals to stay here. I mean I go through years of waiting and spent thousands of dollars on paperwork and go through extensive background checks just to get here. Meanwhile, someone who overstays their visa or just walks across the border gets to live and work here and get welfare benefits here as well as Medicaid. How can you not be upset over this as a legal immigrant? Also, if I was a legal immigrant and I saw a bunch of illegal trash moving around me who HAPPEN to be from my own native country, I would be upset because I came to this country to get away from all the trashy people in my own country but now they followed me here. So what better life would a LEGAL immigrant have if the trashy people just followed that person? Just look at ms13 gangs, do you REALLY THINK that any LEGAL south american or central american would want those people living next door to them when they fled their country to flee gang violence? Come on now. And then to make matters EVEN WORSE, us taxpayers have to pay to keep these pieces of illegal trash alive in prison. Then when illegals have kids, they crowd up our schools and then we as taxpayers have to pay for their translation services. What kind of crap is that? And please SPARE ME the sob story on how we are ALL IMMIGRANTS. My grandmother came here legally through ellis island back in 1928 and back then welfare was only pennies if anything. My grandmother worked three jobs. My other three grandparents were all born here. Also, times have changed and back then, we didn't have immigration laws like we do nowadays. So please spare me your sob stories on how we are all immigrants because it REALLY isnt the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Great job ice! Keep up the great work! Most of the country supports you.

Anonymous said...

Check out, where Crowley gets his campaign workers straight from the Taoiseach

Anonymous said...

“If you coming, and you stay over your welcome, and you don’t commit no crime – no, you got the right to stay,”...

THE RIGHT???? These are the mental midgets we are LEGALLY allowing into the country.

And in another couple of years the progressives led by the Dope rom Park Slope will be loudly advocating for non-citizens to vote.

Anonymous said...

True life Pokemon...gotta catch em all!

Yet our Mayor and City Council oppose this.

God speed ICE.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No one else is doing stories like this. The rest of the channels, WNBC,WCBS,WABC, WNYW are too scared because of political correctness to even touch the subject.

Anonymous said...

take them all out, the law is clear and should have been enforced since decades. I'd like to see all previous elected paying the price for the current situation.