Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First German Sport Club receives stop work order

Back in 2013, it appeared that World Financial Group was about to move into the former First German Sport Club of Brooklyn on Metropolitan Avenue at the edge of Ridgewood. That never happened, and the building sat as is until earlier this year, when this was done to it:
The stop work order seems to be for construction done outside the scope of the permit.


Anonymous said...

Odd, I went to look at this mess, It had holes where you could see the sky and birds inside.
I went directly to the owner with an offer. As I headed to sign contract paperwork & deposit that same real estate company's attorney calls to say "sorry our error that was sold before we could contact the owner".
Now the real estate company is the owner after I was told "ok good enough offer I will sell it" ?
These real estate company's are clearly scamming and need to be watched.

Joe Moretti said...

Pretty much what you see all over crappy Queens.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the World Financial Group is around anymore. It's now some other type of Ponzi outfit.

JQ LLC said...

I remember the world financial group, they were helping me start up my non-profit charity group "the human fund".

I can see the shady firms interest in Ridgewood, it's so hot right now. A lot of arty denizens from the East Village and Williamsburg have been throwing shows in some barsteraunts/barcafes there.

TommyR said...

That name always confused the heck out of me. If it was for Brooklyn, what was it doing in Ridgewood? It seems as if it was lapsed into disuse and neglect for ages...nothing terribly sentimental about hindering the efforts to get the place fixed up.

Anonymous said...

The Human Fund, money for people.