Saturday, March 3, 2018

Why shelters have an explosion in the population of single men

From the Daily News:

Parolees from state prisons are surging into city shelters, with 4,122 sent there last year, up from 2,152 at the start of de Blasio’s first term.

They are more likely shown to a cot in drug-infested barracks or a bed in a pricey hotel room than a specialized residence to help ex-offenders.

A year too late, facts force departure from the mayor’s noble-progressive-warrior script. Now he says of the parole parade: “This is exacerbating our homelessness problem.”

That’s an understatement: Roughly one in five of all the new arrivals in adult shelters last year was a parolee, accounting for most of an influx that brought 20,000 men and women to check in at some point.

Only this past December did the city homeless agency start helping parole officers steer clients away from shelters.


JQ LLC said...

This is so they can close down Rikers Island. And it's a result of some sick machinating from de Faustio and the REBNY pogrom. So they can accelerate the transfers which has clearly already begun and it doesn't matter where they put them.

It's clear to see why many homeless people would rather sleep in the subway. There is actually more safety there than being next door or sleeping on a cot next to a recidivist felon.

Think about it. The falsifications and manipulation of stats from the NYPD and the DHS exposed in the last month that showed years of serious offenses being erased to give the false impression of lowering crime. It's can't be more fucking obvious how crappy lots and walk up tenements are valued for 7 to 8 figures and why 80 percent of Brooklyn is a tourist attraction.

I bet de Faustio rather would be indicted and on trial right now for his heinous blatant graft and abuse of his position than governing this mess he exacerbated. The same with those complicit staffers doing his bidding.

Anonymous said...

Clearly someone close to Dumblasio is making a lot of $$$ from the shelters

JQ LLC said...

Oh, don't forget the utter oversight of heroin and fentanyl deaths and crimes related to the abuse and selling of them.

Joe Moretti said...

Well of course the homeless is the NEW PROFIT BUSINESS, since the powers that be are lower their cash cow of prisons due to prison reform and criminal justice, which was finally needed.

So now we have yet another cash cow, yet another BAD POLICY and yet another move that show this mayor and his incompetent administration are NOT progressive liberals.

Nothing about this mayor or administration is progressive and certainly not liberal, which is being active in supporting RESPONSIBLE social and political change. AND this in another long line of asshole moves is totally based on GREED.

Anonymous said...

The rush is on to empty the prisons to our local neighborhoods. Lots of money to be made for the developers and politicians. Rikers will be the land grab of the century. We, the taxpayers, need to rise up. I'm sure the contracts are already signed to develop Rikers, so you will see taxpayers heading for the exits to move to other states. No one wants to live in a neighborhood over run with homeless people and prisons. Wait till the city loses it's tax base. Who will pay for these people then?

Anonymous said...

I hope the whole working class moves out of nyc. That way the only ones who can be left are the rich and the dead broke and neither one of them pay taxes. This city deserves to go broke.

JQ LLC said...

" That way the only ones who can be left are the rich and the dead broke"

I parsed this phrase because this will have the makings of a 21st century style french revolution. Or the fleshed out version of Escape from New York

In a way, it's already Blade Runner. The looming tower pestilence has occurred, all that's needed are the replicants. And being that these lazy rich assholes want to have robots do their errands, we are halfway there.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing about this mayor or administration is progressive and certainly not liberal, which is being active in supporting RESPONSIBLE social and political change." Joe... I'm afraid you are going to have to come up with a new word for Liberal as deBlas, Rahm Emmanuel, mayors of Sanctuary Cities and university presidents who cut off free speech have hijacked the monicker. As to Progressive, Teddy Roosevelt is rolling in his grave.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon re: new word for liberal

There is, it's called fauxgressive.

These aren't socialists by the way. They are vulture capitalists, but more passive and methodical.

Destroy the neoliberal democrat machine!

Anonymous said...

I see crime rising in the spring...

Anonymous said...

What happened to Jacob Riis's battle cry - Either we wipe out the slum or it wipes us out?

Why I don't get is why are there demands on law abiding people to feel sorry for and pay for those who are reckless, dangerous and harmful? My only concern is how I protect myself from them.

Perhaps if they hadn't gotten away with so much as young people, they wouldn't be in the situation they are today.

Stephen Banks is doing a terrible job as Commissioner of HRA and DHS. Banks has been turning a blind eye to the corruption in his own agency and one day it all turn on him.

Anonymous said...

Convicted sex offenders have a real hard time getting an apartment and are shuttled into assisted living centers. Your mentally ill or physically disabled or elderly relative could be living with convicted sex offenders and convicted felons.

The case workers get brownie points for placing clients.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why is this a surprise to anyone? Deblidiot has been telling us for years now that he intends to empty and tear down Rikers. Did you think all those ex-cons were going to take the first bus to Kansas?