Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Are shipping containers the future of affordable housing?

From AM-NY:

Shipping containers could become the building blocks for affordable housing in the Bronx.

A New York real estate company has partnered with SG Blocks, a container construction company, to propose a mixed-use development in the northeast section of the borough.

The development would create about 65 to 75 apartments above a retail store and a church, according to Nyron Chin-Sang, the founder of the company Gold Key Group.

Chin-Sang, who is originally from the Bronx, said bringing affordable housing to the borough is important to him.


Anonymous said...

It would just be easier to deport the illegals to open up some more living space.

JQ LLC said...

Deputy Mayor Alicia "vampire calimari" Glen suggested this the other day because of the myriad structural issues of mold and delays of the "affordable" modular tower by Barclays Center.

It looks like this was proffered by REBNY so to cut costs for sturdier building materials and avoid hiring union labor or even the usual amount of workers that would build a regular apartment buildings. And with the maniacal rezoning plan approved by the neoliberals in city council, it looks like they want to build as fast as possible.

I would never want to live in one of these crate buildings. I have a feeling it would collapse like that accelerated built bridge in Florida.

This city will soon be gone. Like Chrissie Hynde once said about her native Akron town 36 years ago.

Anonymous said...

“Chin-Sang, who is originally from the Bronx, said bringing affordable housing to the borough is important to him.”

Important enough where he can also get rich.

Hillside Avenue Sucks said...

So basically campers and RVs without windows.

Unknown said...

Hope not. Those buildings belong upstate in open fields or where building would be difficult. Those units would work great for a cabin or hunters retreat, but not for housing.

One of these buildings are already up in Brooklyn, zoned approved and all. The look is way to industrial.

Anonymous said...

I'm back in the Bronx for a while, and I agree with the first comment - get rid of the illegals and you'll see multitudes of housing open up.

Gary W said...

Can't wait to read the Air BnB listings

Anonymous said...

Affordable housing is important to him because it's going to benefit his bank account

Anonymous said...

An other imported commie crazy.

Anonymous said...

No description. No warning. Just 1450 words of monologue and a 50-word execution.

TommyR said...

JQ I'll just mention this stanza from the song you referenced.

There was no train station
There was no downtown
South Howard had disappeared
All my favorite places
My city had been pulled down
Reduced to parking spaces

That aside, containerization of architecture is friggin ugly man, no matter it's apparent up-cycling/re-using benefits. It wouldn't be half as terrible if they'd leave sandwiched as interior framing, and clad the outside in conventional brick, etc.

Anonymous said...

Sure, let's emulate the slums of Brazil and other seriously depressed areas and have raggedy-looking homes made of anything people can find blighting our neighborhoods, turning them into slums such as turds like this greedy Chinese pig just left. Let's give a lot more work to our fire departments creating death traps. Forget nice looking homes and buildings, it's trash-as-homes time.


Zoë said...

Good blog, As I mentioned a couple things weeks ago.
Air BnB likely wont use things like this because to stay within your constitutional rights, use loopholes in NYC the homeowner must be in residence for you to be houseguests.
However it would be a fantastic deal for sleeping bag and simple cooking, I love camping and no frills simplicity. More $$ to spend on fun things. After all who comes to New York to spend time in a room other then sleeping, simple eating & bathroom.
The hotels in NYC are out of the question when your not filthy rich or on a business trip with your firm picking up your $5000+ a week tab for room, insane taxes, damaged car and dining out.

JQ LLC said...

Sorry Zoe, Airbnb is still a pox. And it's being used as a criminal enterprise as that recent incident by the Ebbets Field apartment buildings have shown. That flyer put out looked very professional, complete with statistics. This is going to get worse.

But you know what, the hotel industry makes a big stink but I don't think they really care. Tourism went up last year and they are still making tons of money. And of course Holiday Inn and Mariott are getting sweet financial hookups from the city to house the homeless. Hotels and airbnbs, despite being rivals, have found a mutually beneficial way to co-exist.

I recognize your right to comment freely, even if they are basically pitches for the predatory job killing and home disenfranchising app-based economy.

ron s said...

Shipping containers are too big. Can we use modified coffins?

Anonymous said...

"predatory job killing"

Who's losing jobs some IA HVAC tech, chef IA elevator operator making over $125 an hour at Mariott or whoever?
These union people and owners rigging the prices are the only ones benefiting why feel sorry for them. All these greedy racketeer's are why AirBnb exists, they created it !

If you want to fix the housing problem stop the sanctuary city handouts, bait & protections, enforce laws already on the books and over a 1/2 million people will leave -Problem Solved, crime problems solved, overcrowding problems solved and countless blocks with 1 family homes saved. Its a win win win

Anonymous said...

This is being copied from Denmark where they even float community's of them out on the water. Make schools with them
All the kids in school are encouraged to live equal in this "commune" system

Anonymous said...

At least they’re bullet resistant to common handgun calibers......

Anonymous said...

Shipping containers do not work for high density construction due to the marine grade wood floors. They flooring is full of toxins and pose a high fire risk not suitable for urban environments. They look horrible and require steel framing, at twice the cost of conventional construction containers really don’t make any sense. Any architectural expression becomes very difficult, containers are made to be stacked on boats, corner to corner. Building with containers is like asking a designer to build schools with out windows.