Saturday, March 24, 2018

New contractor for belated bridge project

From the Queens Chronicle:

A new contractor has been selected to pick up where the old one left off at Metropolitan Avenue and Fresh Pond Road on the Middle Village-Ridgewood line.

Almost three months after the city’s contract with Mugrose Construction to replace the bridge deck below the intersection defaulted, the Department of Transportation announced Monday that New Jersey-based Beaver Concrete Construction has been tapped to finish the long-delayed project.

“In business since 1946 and a member of the General Contractors Association of New York, Beaver Concrete Construction has completed several bridge rehabilitation projects for the DOT, including repairs to the Trans-Manhattan Expressway Connector Ramp in Manhattan,” the agency said in a press release. “It is also currently under contract for a multi-bridge component rehabilitation project for bridges in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.”

Looks like work may have started:


JQ LLC said...

Just speculating here. But could this be what was discussed between Holden and de Faustio?

This and probably a spot where to put one of the 90 shelters.

Anonymous said...

They came out with this recently. I doubt Holden will participate.

JQ LLC said...

Last anon.

I read that item and what a hysterical turn of events. After 4 years of blowing the constituencies off and keeping council people in the dark (except Liz Crowley as documented here and exposed by the Maspeth resistance) now they want collaborative input. Weasel Banks has got lot of frickin' nerve.

The thing is, Holden probably has to permit one because this city's elected leaders and 12 years of the fun size mayor Bloomberg and Mario's son defunding the voucher program have foisted this on us. But mostly the less salaried who are being forced out of their homes from rampant forced gentrification.

Not to worry, de Faustio will be frogmarched in cuffs from gracie mansion come the autumn equinox.

Anonymous said...

I've got a great site for a homeless shelter, 88th street and East end Avenue in Manhattan. The city already owns the property.

Anonymous said...

Interesting: a New Jersey company ... as if there's no one local who can do the work?

TommyR said...

Shame they can't find a local outfit (no one can do the requisite cement work, really?) but at least this time it looks more experienced than Mugrose...ugh. Still avoiding this damnable intersection everyday....

Anonymous said...

"New Jersey company ... as if there's no one local who can do the work"
From what I understand a local company would be subject to more local laws, a company from Jersey can use its own people (illegals?) and a load of other time consuming red tape what will tie the project up forever.