Tuesday, March 20, 2018

City hoping to curb congestion by banning rush hour deliveries

From PIX11:

A ban on commercial curbside deliveries during rush hour went into effect Monday.

The ban is part of a congestion reduction pilot program by the city that will regulate when and where commercial trucks can stop and unload goods on some of the busiest streets in NYC. The ban will not effect personal deliveries.

Starting Monday, there will be no curbside deliveries along Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn and Roosevelt Avenue in Queens from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

In April, the truck ban will expand to 11 cross streets in Midtown, Manhattan, including 54th Street between Eighth and Third avenues and 47th Street between Ninth and Third avenues.

While it will ease traffic on some of the busiest streets in NYC, business owners say bringing in goods later in the day will hurt them. They say the ban will force employees to stay at work later and residents will have to hear trucks being unloaded late at night.


JQ LLC said...

Well, this is it. The city is intent on killing businesses. How are stores going to stock their shelves when the product arrives in the middle of the afternoon?

And they are not rush hour deliveries, they are deliveries. And it's workers and businesses livelihood you're screwing with de Faustio for your lame attempt and belated concern for traffic safety. Jerk.

Never mind the unmentioned factor causing the congestion. Rampant hyperdevelopment which cordons off 60 percent of the roads and the space consumed by bike lanes and cars parked where a lane of traffic should be.

This is going to make it easier for corporations like Fresh Direct and Amazon to displace supermarkets, despite their usage of trucks that contribute to congestion during the day.

JohnnyNutz said...

If you restrict the amount of "FOR HIRE" cars on the road, you solved the traffic issue!.. Its that simple! But no one wants too, because of the amount of money the flows into their pockets for these car organizations.

Anonymous said...

"...A ban on commercial curbside deliveries..."

More like double parked deliveries.

Anonymous said...

I believe in Europe heavy deliveries are made at night.

Joe Moretti said...

How about enforcing laws on DOUBLE PARKING, especially in SE QUEENS, where it is horrible.

I want a job where I get paid lots of money, great benefits, don't have to barely work and come up with #10 on the top ten list of dumb ideas.

Anonymous said...

Another step in BDB's plan to ban business in NYC.

Anonymous said...

>If you restrict the amount of "FOR HIRE" cars on the road, you solved the traffic issue!..

People will take their own cars instead of taxis. How will that solve anything?