Saturday, March 17, 2018

CB4 votes against requested zoning change

From the Times Ledger:

Developers at a site in Elmhurst may not be getting the zoning change they need for a 13-story housing complex and Target location if Community Board 4 and anti-gentrification groups have the final say.

The advisory board at Tuesday’s meeting voted against the variance to allow Sun Equity Partners and Heskel Group to build an additional three floors on the proposal site and asked that the city accept their recommendation to downzone the area to further prevent the development from happening.

More than 30 public speakers, including political hopefuls, filled the roster at the March 13 meeting and sitting space in Elmhurst Hospital’s auditorium was exhausted with activists from Queens Neighborhoods United filling the periphery with signs calling to protect their neighborhood from gentrification.

One resident during the public speaking portion of the meeting pointed out that nobody spoke in favor of the proposal while representatives from the developers were seen making snide remarks and gestures at the remarks being said.

The community board eventually voted nearly unanimously against the zoning change that would grant the extra building height with recommendation to lower the zoning to below the current height restriction.


JQ LLC said...

There's already a target next to Queens Center.

So, minions sent by the Gentrification Industrial Complex were mocking the constituents. These fuckers are clearly spoiling for a riot.

Congrats to CB4, showing what real resistance looks like.

Resist, Persist.

Anonymous said...

Developers gentrify places, people can't afford the rent, find themselves in homeless shelters

Anonymous said...

Elmhurst is a mess. Now they want to add more apartments and another store? Its already a nightmare down there.

Anonymous said...

And as always, Buildings & Standards will soon ignore the will of the people and approve it.

Anonymous said...

So what? They are strictly toy government with only an advisory vote which does not count. The BSA will pass on the zoning change.