Friday, March 9, 2018

Remaining ugly in Auburndale

From the Queens Chronicle:

When a new owner planned to tear down and rebuild four derelict attached two-family homes in Auburndale, it opened up the possibility that the community would no longer have to look at the eyesore.

The plans have been scrapped, though.

Community Board 11 member Henry Euler discussed the situation at the advisory council’s meeting on Monday.

The homes, on 47th Avenue near 197th Street, were built in 2005 but never finished. Because they have never had a certificate of occupancy from the city — there is an issue with egress — no one has been able to legally live in them. The property has a construction fence at it.

Euler, who is a resident of Auburndale, said at the meeting that the new buyer had met with CB 11 members at a committee hearing about his plans at the end of 2016. But, he continued, the board didn’t hear from him after that.


Anonymous said...

Shame Shame Shame !! They wouldn't allow this to happen in any neighborhood Manhattan below 96th street. Once again there are two NY's.

Anonymous said...

Love it when the barracks of sanctuary city run into legal and logistical problems. Reminds me of days when pesky little things like laws actually held some weight...