Saturday, March 3, 2018

Costa wants senior housing on municipal lot

From the Astoria Post:

An affordable senior housing complex is likely to go up on a 31st Street municipal parking lot.

Councilmember Costa Constantinides announced plans at a press conference today to build a 100-to 150-unit affordable housing complex for seniors on a city-owned parking lot, located at 32-11 31st St — steps from the Broadway (N/W) subway station.

The proposal is part of Constantinides’ overarching plan, announced at his State of the District speech in January, to address a shortage of senior housing by installing 500 senior affordable units in the neighborhood by the end of his term in 2021.

Constantinides described the property’s location as ideal, and said that he is going to work hard to secure it for the building.

“If I were to draw on a drawing board a location that was centrally located, that would have access to trains, access to the bus, access to churches, access to shopping, hospitals, I couldn’t draw up a better location,” the councilmember said.

State of the District speech? Sheesh. There's already a perfectly good use there: a municipal parking lot for people shopping on your commercial strip. Why the war on commerce?


Anonymous said...

Makes sense, cause Astoria has an abundance of street parking.

Anonymous said...

Perfect location for Senior Housing!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how much money is Costa getting in his pockets for this --

Anonymous said...

Trust me, he's doing this for the developers, not the seniors, these so called progressives are full of it

Anonymous said...

Two takeaways:

The politicians are doing everything to divide people.

Astoria is one big money laddering operation.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, this will be owned and operated by HANAC. This is NOT the first time they have taken over public property to turn it into massive 'senior living' facilities. The corruption related to this is really out of control.

Anonymous said...

>Why the war on commerce?

It's a war on cars. All the businesses going bankrupt is just collateral damage.