Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Waterpointe worked out?

From the Times Ledger:

After the Whitestone community raised concerns about soil contamination, elected officials and local leaders met with the state Department of Environmental Conservation and developers of the Whitestone Waterpointe project to discuss the future of the venture moving forward.

Last week, state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside), Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal (D-Flushing) and members of Community Board 7 and the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers Civic Association, were able to talk to DEC and developers from the Edgestone Group about key issues facing the 18-acre waterfront property, located at 151st Place and 6th Road.

Avella wrote a letter to DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos requesting a meeting with the commissioner to find out why DEC permitted Edgestone Group to modify the soil cover requirement from Track 2 Residential to Track 4 Restricted-Residential and why DEC allowed the change without first discussing it with elected officials, CB 7 or community members.

Last week’s meeting allowed for a dialogue and Avella said that while there are still a few items that remain to be concluded, he and Rosenthal were able to talk the developer into agreeing to bring in additional “unrestricted” or “virgin” soil so that homeowners will be able to grow vegetables in their garden. Avella said they were also able to have the developers agree that all monies placed in escrow to maintain the environmental monitoring system, which will require a yearly report, will remain with the homeowners association at the end of the original ten-year escrow agreement term.

For now Avella and Rosenthal said they will urge the developer to increase the monies to be held in escrow to ensure that the new homeowners will not be burdened by the expense of the environmental monitoring system. While the senator said he was pleased that the developer agreed to put in unrestricted soil, he is convinced that the current dollar amount planned for the escrow account is inadequate and will prove to be too little over time.


Anonymous said...

Is this the project that (Don) Paulo Vallone had a piece of?
LOL! Shaddupayou face! Vallone is a fine (St. Andrews) church going father!

ron s said...

Beware of any development that adds an "e" to "Point" to make "Pointe". In this case we can sell houses built on toxic land to people who say "ooh! Waterpointe! Must be fancy!"

JQ LLC said...

The e adds an extra $1500.

Anonymous said...

"Beware of any development that adds an "e" to "Point" to make "Pointe"."

And beware of any shop that adds a "pe" to shop, they'll charge you exorbitant prices for low quality goods.

Anonymous said...

Looks like heap of cheap CAD cookie cutter Asian Bukharin shitters, keeping the toxic lot was a much better deal for the neighborhood.
The basement apartments of these shitters are going to be damp and poisonous

Anonymous said...

To the idiot above - they're all Italian AND they don't rent their basements because they're all rich.

TommyR said...

Lol, 'e' for Extra Expensive? This is still a "win" in the sense that it's what a majority of the community collectively held out for, so good fer them! Growing peppers and tomatoes in your own yard is great.

Anonymous said...

What happens if the toxins RISE in the soil and contaminate the "virgin" soil? Me, I wouldn't eat anything grown anywhere near a toxic dump site, new soil or not. It's not worth it to risk getting poisoned.

Anonymous said...

"To the idiot above - they're all Italian"
Italians dont buy that shit, they build there own shit or stay till they die or retire to Florida.
There American born children tapping on I-Phones and studying arts & liberal sciences are just as educations system brainwashed, stupid & lazy as the rest.
They could never afford it, cash out their dead parents estates then blow all the money. All the old homes in Whitestone and Malba will be facing the Asian bulldozer, just like Little Neck and Bayside.

You forgot the apricots & fig trees Tommy !!

Anonymous said...

They may as well change the name to Cancer Pointe now and be done with it. Hasn't DEC learned anything from the past ? Top soil does not neutralize toxins.