Friday, March 2, 2018

Blissville to get screwed with yet another shelter

Community Conversation Flyer_Van Dam by queenscrapper on Scribd

"Dear Constituents,

Please use this version attached and click to RSVP this event, if you will be attending the Department of Homeless Services discussion on the Shelter at the Fairfield Inn. This discussion will be at St. Raphael's Church at 3520 Greenpoint Avenue in the big room and there will be signage directing you to the location. This is taking place on March 15th at 6:30PM on a first come first serve basis. Any questions please feel free to contact CB 2.

All the best,

Debra Markell Kleinert
District Manager, CB 2Q"

In addition to the City View Hotel converting from homeless families to single men, plus the Best Western hotel across the LIE becoming a shelter, now word comes that the Fairfield Marriott on Van Dam Street is also going to be a shelter for homeless adult couples, and run by the same outfit that is ruining Greenpoint.

This is what happens when you have Jimmy "I lived in a shelter" Van Bramer in charge of your district.


Joe Moretti said...

No so fucking "Blissville" now, not that extremely over-developed and extremely overpriced lIC was that "blissville" to begin with. So that is "how many" mismanaged homeless shelter hotels in that area.

YEP, NO LONGER BLISSVILLE. Welcome to more quality of life issues that these homeless hotels bring: litter, garbage, noise, drinking out in public, prostitution, fights, crime, just run the gambit of having people who have made poor choices and the poorly run homeless for profit business, and see your quality of life go way down the fucking crapper.

Anonymous said...

Blissville? I had to google that. Yes, apparently it exists and was not recently dreamed up by realtors... This city's homeless policy (by law- ugh!) is absurd. These people need bus ticket therapy. We can't house everyone who just shows up. It was a stupid law to begin with and now we are seeing the consequences in our communities.

JQ LLC said...

The thing about this shelter chaos, is that the people it affects are the ones that see it first hand, the homeowners and renters that live one or two stories from the ground and the working class people with longer commutes.

As for the constituency these elected hacks want, they barely get a glimpse from their tower studio apartments, overvalued rentals near train stations and their ultra-convenient usage of apps for food delivery and cab rides, so warehousing the homeless in hotels in new posh neighborhoods like L.I.C., Williamsburg and Bushwick (still hard to believe THAT town is chic) rarely gets a complaint from the oblivious hipshits.

Not for nothing, but the working people and families who are being phased out and foisted into homelessness and displacement, well, the only poor choice they made was making a modest living and are in this predicament because of the grotesque rise in expenses in this city. For earning less money and not spending enough is now considered an societal offense in this new depression.

Joe Moretti said...

In regards to the Greenpoint article - "But facility director Riquelma Moreno said she can’t lock up her tenants like prisoners, and claimed she can’t gauge how long a smoke break should be because she has never smoked."

Ironic, these willing and able LAZY men who DON'T want to work, due to their BAD LIFE CHOICES, cannot afford a place to live, yet waste money on cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. I mean let's be real, the homeless are a BIG PROBLEM due to their poor life choices and actions regardless if they are drug addicts, etc. YOU are responsible for your own actions and your own actions are what gets you into this mess. It is not caused by others. SO the fake liberal progressive Mayor and his fake liberal progressive cohorts need to stop acting like it is not because of their actions and laziness. AND people with very young children who are homeless, why are you living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and why did you have not one, but several kids, when you cannot provide a roof over your head and care for them properly. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, not others.

Very few of the homeless are due to unforeseen circumstances that were out of their control. The majority are POOR LIFE CHOICES and an unwillingness to work and clean up their damn act.

Kew Gardens/Forest Hills has seen the Comfort Inn on Queens Blvd turned into a single men's homeless shelter and things have gone down hill in the area with constant panhandling, dangerous men loose on the streets, crime up and litter consisting of the small alcohol bottles (the choice of homeless). See

AND when is this city going to come clean on the statistics of how many of these people are from out of state/country, because of NYC's archaic "right to shelter" laws which put the burden on NY and away from the place these people came from or how about the statistics of all the men released from prison ending up on the streets. OR he number of years many of these people have been homeless.

BUT the homeless have become a big for profit business and the powers that be don't want to upset that huge gravy train even at the detriment of the communities these problematic places are put in. AND why are these places run so badly to begin with.

Typical bad NY policies and no one willing to be upfront about all of this and just pass the buck.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe tony avella and the queens county civic congress can take this up and tony can pass another bill that gets no enforcement and the congress can ... well, what do the civics in queens co (with the exception of holden's)?

This is what happens when a politician walks into a room and self respect exits through the other door.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"High quality", huh... By what metric?

Ned said...

Yes correct but the problem is the stupid people refuse to see this is being done by design. It usually the same Sheep people who re-elected JVB and deBlassio (2-marxist progressives) and continue to reward assholes like this with re-election. They are also grabbing Rikers Island to make housing for democrat voters, and are going to use the homeless & criminals as paramilitary units to crash property values and get the hard working home owning citizens out.
Why do so many refuse to see this, why aren't 20,000 people outside the mayors door raising hell like the colored people did in the south in the 1960s when they were being buried in swamps.
What the NYC Mayor is doing is no different then what Hitler did with his "November Programs" commonly known as Kristallnacht (Crystal Night) The way I see it deBlasios "program" is a sneakier, slower and broader reaching goal to do so much wide spread damage it cant be reversed.

The government does not want HARD WORKING HOMEOWNERS many with nice things and savings accounts above MAGI adjusted poverty level because that is against the socialism they are ramming down out throats.
People like deBlasio want everybody equal no matter HOW HARD YOU WORK or what fields & skills you spent decades learning & honing to climb the ladder.
A society where no pension plan, home or savings account is sacred, everybody dependent and loyal to the government.
Scandinavian Socialism is coming and it seems everybody refuses to see it.
Is this what the stupid sheep really want ?
In Denmark for example if saved your money to buy a second business, homes or even a nicer cars, you are shunned, blacklisted and treated like you committed a murder.
Estate trusts are illegal and when you die you can only leave $5000 US in assets to your children.
—Yea, the truth, and liberals running the schools pushing this agenda wont tell kids in school that part !!


Anonymous said...

This city has become for the very rich or the very poor. The middle class cannot survive anymore. Owning a home w/ taxes going up - paying for consistent coned / national grid / water sewage increases are insane. Even renting is not any better. Being poor you can get all the benefits, there are no incentives to be better and earn above the poverty line because all the freebies go away. It's better to get cash jobs and collect, there are a lot of benefits these people lose if they were to even want to do better and I'm sure that's part of the bigger problem as to why the numbers never seem to go down. They have no time limits and no checks/balances. If you have one child in the system it happens but the city and taxpayers shouldn't cover #2, 3, 4, 5 - it's crazy. The more kids the more money. Caring for your neighbors has become giving more of our hard earned money to them. Higher taxes, less everything else. Even the universal pre-3k is made to be a free babysitting service for low income neighborhoods. Everything is not fair or even.

Anonymous said...

"High Quality Transitional Housing" - This one belongs in the Socialist Euphemisms hall of fame.

It belongs there along with:

"The Paperwork Reduction Act" (hundreds of pages long)
"The Minerals Management Service"
"Dairy Augmentation for Increased Retail in Yogurt Products Act" (Senator Charles Schumer, sponsor)

And, from the Vallonectionary: "streamline the process" (get rid of the process)

rikki said...

I have advocated for years all Public assistance recipients must sit in class 15-20 hours a week and learn English and Math. At least 1/3 will quit the first month

No need to drug test or force them into menial jobs just give the the NY Times and read it out loud, to keep collecting

Being poor you can get all the benefits, there are no incentives to be better and earn above the poverty line because all the freebies go away.

Anonymous said...

AND people with very young children who are homeless, why are you living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and why did you have not one, but several kids, when you cannot provide a roof over your head and care for them properly. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, not others.

Let's face it - we are paying people to have children. Men of a certain race group bully their girlfriends into letting them take the children as income tax deductions. With 2 or 3 children one gets over $10,000 income tax refund. If some one is working on the books, with those amount of deductions they pay very little taxes to begin with. There's the problem.
These are not just children, they are jackpot babies, little cash cows.

It's disgusting. They don't parent their children, the state does. And you wonder why they end up as criminals.

Snake Plisskin said...

What better way to diminish the power of the people to govern themselves through democratic means than to convince them that they are powerless?

Elites/Royalty/Dictators get and keep power in democracies because the people stop engaging in the democratic process. They stop joining political parties, having a say in who is nominated for office, stop voting, stop holding their representatives accountable, stop insisting on public financing of elections, stop doing the hard work of citizenship.

Democracy doesn't run itself. It dies when the people stop participating in it. When they get cynical, bored, indifferent to it. Corruption flourishes and the ever present class of demagogues, robber barons, and ideologues waiting in the wings to seize power rush in to exploit the vacuum left behind when people check out of their duties as citizens and stop insisting that their representatives commit to public service, not self-service.

The people in democracies have tremendous power - the autocrats know it and are afraid of it. So they do everything they can to persuade people of the opposite. And when they do, when the people begin to believe the big lie that they are powerless, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy - and they give away their power voluntarily.

The people of the United States, Britain, and other democracies have got to stop believing the lie and start exercising their power through democracy again, before it is all gone.

They have tremendous power until they fall for the autocrats' biggest and most self-serving and lie, and give it up.