Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Glendale landlord hoards tenants' trash

From CBS 2:

For tenants in one Queens building, it’s a living nightmare.

They claim their landlord hoards their trash and that the smell has caused a cascade of problems, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported Sunday night.

Kathleen Midlaw is literally bugging out inside her Glendale apartment. It’s infested with gnats.

When she invited CBS2 to the building, Sanchez sensed the root of the problem — a horrible stench coming from the basement

Garbage, huge bags of it, were stacked up, wall to wall in the basement of the building on 65th Place. Midlaw and her neighbors blame their landlord, Maria Hlawaty. Tenants say she has been hoarding their garbage for years.


JQ LLC said...

A landlord hoarder, well, this city is quite fucked. As are the tenants here being forced to live in ghetto and NYCHA conditions.

Anonymous said...

Hoarding for years, and they're just now complaining? Sheesh... I know it's blaming the victim, but this is either bad reporting or seriously disempowered tenants.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this story even. The landlord should be locked up as mentally unfit. If you're going to go through the trouble of bringing bags of garbage to a basement, why not just bring it outside? Imagine the stench! What a sicko/ true Queens Crap indeed!

Joe Moretti said...

Same shit from the City Landlord, BILL DICBLASIO. Monkey see Monkey do.

And what the fuck is the purpose of all those violations, if not a damn thing is being done.

But this is obviously not something that just happened but has been happening for years. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU TENANTS and why are you still paying rent. You are part of the problem as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this story even. The landlord should be locked up as mentally unfit.

When did we start "Locking Up" people with Mental Problems?

Anonymous said...

What kind of building is this? When I lived in a house I put out the garbage for the entire house on the night before garbage pick up.

Cement Wielding Lawn Murderer said...

The fuck is the benefit of hoarding that rubbish? I don't see anything worth more than a couple of cents in the pile? I understand why people hoard shopping channel crap and "antiques" but this is literal garbage. Are they trying to salvage the pile for Arizona and Colt 45 cans to drop off at the coin machine at Western Beef?

Anonymous said...

The point of "locking up" this particular mental person is that they are exposing all the tenants of that building to filth, vermin and who knows how many types of illnesses. Paying tenants at that! If this was some mental person storing their own garbage in their private home, it would be weird and all, but this "landlord" is responsible for those tenants well being and what's happening is criminal.

Anonymous said...

>When did we start "Locking Up" people with Mental Problems?

We've been doing it for ages, just ask Adrian Schoolcraft.

>The fuck is the benefit of hoarding that rubbish?

There isn't any. Horders of this nature do a legit, serious mental problem.

TommyR said...

Hoarding is an issue. I think it's bound with a sense of insecurity, and needs to be addressed firmly and with therapy. This landlord isn't fit - ownership should pass to a willing younger family member who can properly manage the place. The residents themselves should've raised a clamor much sooner.