Monday, March 12, 2018

City stops sheltering homeless at Par Central Motor Inn

From the Queens Chronicle:

The city stopped using the Par Central Motor Inn in Jamaica Hills as a homeless shelter last Wednesday, officials said.

Since August 2015, the de Blasio administration had used the motel as “temporary emergency transitional housing” for homeless families with children.

Councilman Rory Lancman (D-Fresh Meadows) and the city had reached an agreement for ending its use as a shelter months ago, but the city didn’t give a specific deadline as to when.

Lancman is happy City Hall followed through.

“I am pleased that the Par Central Motel will no longer be used as a shelter, and look forward to working with the administration to close other hotel shelters in the District,” he said in a prepared statement.

The Par Central’s ownership could not be reached for comment prior to deadline.

Why is the City stopping use of some hotels to house homeless while simultaneously starting the use of others?


Anonymous said...

Thank God.
Now it can go back to being a hot sheet motel,

Anonymous said...

Crappy, to answer your question, proximity to public transit surely plays a role. Not a decisive factor, but surely a non-significant role.

Anonymous said...

The homeless demand deluxe accomodations-- this crappy thing from the 60s or 70s didn't fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

At least for now.

Anonymous said...

How did Lancman succeed when other councilmembers failed?

Anonymous said...

They should keep them in Jamaica so they don't come here.
I'm also glad to hear the whores can go back to rolling the JFK $$$$ businessman who use those hotels.
What normal person wants to stay in filthy Jamaica when one can Airbnb a beautiful room, bathroom & WiFi in Ridgewood under the JMZ for less then $200 a weekend ?

Anonymous said...

>What normal person wants to stay in filthy Jamaica when one can Airbnb a beautiful room, bathroom & WiFi in Ridgewood under the JMZ for less then $200 a weekend ?

Don't worry, the City will ban AirBNB before too long, can't miss out on all those hotel taxes and campaign contributions.

Anonymous said...

"The City will ban AirBNB"

Perhaps some cases but not the majority, I suppose they will try and ban private clubs and web posting also (the city may win on public advertising but not "private to private" membership where a member signs into the airBNB website to view sights.

For example: I would love to know how the city is going to legally dictate who my houseguests can be and cant be in my own private building, where I reside without violating my federally protected civil rights and civil liberty's.
The city doesn't stand a chance Its all smoke & mirrors for the stupid. The city wants hotels east of the east river for shelters not paying people. In other words the city wants things like hotels, large buildings built with other people money them make them go into hardship by design.
You then swoop in an offer a hotel owner the magic solution along with a couple dollars.
Jeez why do we gotta s'plain these dumb New Yorkers everything.