Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ticket recipient to get refund

From the NY Post:

A Bronx business owner forced to pay a $115 ticket for parking in a bike lane that doesn’t exist — after losing two appeals — will get a refund, officials told The Post.

After The Post exposed the unfair citation, red-faced officials at the Department of Finance admitted the ticket should never have been written, said City Councilman James Vacca, whose district includes the nonexistent bike lane at 1820 Hone Ave. in Mott Haven.

“They researched it and went back and forth with the Police Department,” said Vacca. “They admitted the ticket was written in error.”

Phyllis Cannon — who paid the ticket on July 2 after five months of fighting to avoid getting hit with late fees — will receive a refund in the mail shortly, said Vacca.


Anonymous said...

It's a numbers game. For every person who protests and follows up, there are hundres who don't. This is not only the City - it's Con Ed, Verizon... they "bank" on the fact that most people will simply pay.

Anonymous said...

The person who actually wrote the ticket should publicly apologize as well. They should also be investigated for other 'mistakes.'

Anonymous said...

So what is the punishment for the cop who wrote the ticket?

What is that, you say? Nothing? You mean public employees are allowed to cheat, lie, and make mistakes that would never be tolerated in the private sector? I don't believe it!

Anonymous said...

The cop should have to pay for the time spent fighting this ticket. Without a personal penalty why would the cop care if they do it again.

Anonymous said...

When I had a car, I got hit monthly with some nonsense ticket. I fought them, but they count on people not fighting them and paying the bill. It's an invisible tax. Everyone knows it.