Saturday, July 28, 2012

Myungsuk strikes back

From the Politicker:

Myungsuk Lee, one of many candidates vying to replace Assemblywoman Grace Meng's soon-to-be-vacated seat, has been battered by a couple recent New York Post articles reporting the existence of prostitution ads in the newspaper he owns, the Korean American Times. But, according to a source monitoring the Korean language media, it seems Mr. Lee is not going to be taking the issue sitting down.

Mr. Lee reportedly held a press conference last Friday arguing that the alleged brothels are, in fact, legal businesses, and said he would seek to file a lawsuit against the Post for defamation and libel. In a translation provided to The Politicker, Mr. Lee further said he would seek a face-to-face discussion with the publication's management, which he said produces articles "against Korean-American community at large."

Of course, defamation lawsuits against political figures are notoriously difficult to prove in the United States as they require significant evidence of malicious intent. But Mr. Lee likely feels that he needs to push back in order to succeed in the September 13th primary, where he is competing against Democrats Ron Kim, Yen Chou, Ethel Chen, John Scandalios and Martha Flores-Vazquez.


Anonymous said...

how come no comments are being posed on this article?

Anonymous said...

The article alone says it all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe North Korea's "dear leader"
can help him.

He's a whore monger...period...
just like Mike Shenckler !

Anonymous said...

and how come the New York Post isn't reaming out the Queen's Tribune for running their "massage"; "Asian Beauties"; etc. prostitution ads?

Anonymous said...

Did you see his opponent
lmao how did that young lad get a job at the parkside and then the nomination for assembly

another mike sais???

on other hand i dont want to know !!!
what happens in vegas stays in vegas right Evan????

Anonymous said...

Myungsuk lee is an embarrassment. Rather than admit that it's a mistake to profit from prostitution - he tries to claim he's a victim of libel??? I am a Korean American and it makes me sick to my stomach to see scum like him run for office.

Anonymous said...

Who is this joke? He gets caught for whore ads and drags Korean community into it? For the record, I'm Korean American and I do not feel as if NY Post is attacking me by calling out this joke of a politico wannabe