Saturday, July 21, 2012

Someone at Breezy Point pilfered plover eggs

From DNA Info:

Cops are on the hunt for the bird-brained bandit who swiped all of the eggs from two piping plover nests in Breezy Point, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area where the endangered animals live.

Authorities are hunting for an individual who went up to the two nests on the night of July 3rd, ripped off the wire netting protecting them and swiped the eggs inside, U.S. Park police said.

They believe that one person is responsible because a single set of human footprints was found in the sand.

Piping plovers are considered endangered birds and individuals convicted of violating the law that protects them can be slapped with a hefty fine ranging from $5,000 to $ 250,000 or be tossed behind bars for up to two years, authorities said.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they ate them scrambled or sunny side up?

Anonymous said...

The frightening thing is, that might not be a joke. People have already seen some of the city's diverse residents attemting to catch adult shorebirds, which would likely have been eaten.

I never thought that we'd be looking back with nostalgia on the days when all birds had to worry about were raccoons, gulls and vandals.

Joe said...

They eat them raw with the hearts beating
Bird fetuses raw in the egg are a delicacy in Asia, that’s what’s going on here.
Who ever did this landed by boat or was a guest of someone in the community. The only to get in on foot or car is via the guarded gate. The guard then calls the host you are going to see to confirm

FluShing Rezident said...

What happened to the 6 ducklings at Bowne Park? They were definitely too young to fly. Were they captured and eaten?

It's just heartbreaking. If it isn't our sick mayor destroying gorgeous birds, it's uneducated peasants depleting our parks of turtles, fish, birds and plants.

It goes on at Bowne Park every day!!! We have lots of witnesses and we fight with these people whenever possible!! And we take pictures! And we call 311 all the time!!!

Perhaps someday the Parks Department will actually hire someone that loves parks!!!!!

Perhaps we need something similar to GooseWatchNYC dedicated to Bowne Park? Let's post pictures of everyone that kills animals and steals plants!

Ned said...


Ned said...

Forget 311 the cop wont do squat and the people doing this KNOW IT!--- Pickup a baseball bat, sling shot then do the right thing. Remember these creatures eating these baby birds, eggs and turtles are not human.
If people would grow some balls, get together and put some real fear into these dirtbag preditors the problem would stop.
Up in the Bronx many years ago Chinese were poaching ducklings from the twin lakes (Balcony at E 204th street).
Some rocks and sling-shots fixed the problem. Back in the good days people didnt put up with this shit.