Monday, July 30, 2012

Hold onto that MetroCard!

From NY Magazine:

In part to reduce the volume of MetroCards printed and strewn about subways stations, but mostly to generate an estimated $20 million in annual revenue, the MTA has proposed to tack on a $1 "green fee" for the purchase of new MetroCards. If the thing passes, frugal riders would just need to save their cards, which remain valid until their expiration, and then replenish them.


Anonymous said...

Notice that "until expired". Back door fare hike, as they expire more than you think

Anonymous said...

This is really helpful to those of us who do not live near a metrocard vendor... so, once again, those of us who do not live in Manhattan or white Brooklyn get the shaft - we also lose out on the "discount."

? said...

Let me guess the expiration date will be shortened to 3 months.

Anonymous said...

And while the rest of the civilized world has moved onto contactless fare cards, the MTA fare cards require a clean unbent card, clean readers, and intelligent users. With more people reusing the cards longer, after a while everyone will be using cards beyond the limit of their life. Did anyone ask the card manufacturer if they can be twice daily for a year or more?

I get my monthly card mailed to me by a vendor thru a company-sponsored mass-transit tax benefit (I pay for 100% of the card but with pre-tax income tax dollars). I will not be a re-user.

Anonymous said...

"Did anyone ask the card manufacturer if they can be twice daily for a year or more?"

They can be used that much and then some.

I've used the card since December 1995. I keep each one approx a year, unless I damage it.

There is no good reason to throw them away as often as most people do.

An old station cleaner in Flushing Main st told me that he finds an average of $50 a week in unspent fares on cards he picks up.

Anonymous said...

The cards get dirty and rub against other cards in my wallet and become unusable after a while. For this reason I don't reuse them.

Anonymous said...

Only if they are made twice as stiff. These are to flimsy to last.