Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An idea that's literally full of crap

From the Daily News:

CCNYC is looking to start a composting program for dog poop. Modeled on similar pilot programs in upstate Ithaca and Cambridge, Mass., the group hopes to put small, anaerobic composting stations at several, high volume city dog runs.

The poop would be collected in biodegradable plastic bags then deposited into the composting stations where bacteria would break down the poop.

Though health regulations prohibit using dog waste generated fertilizer in a vegetable garden, Kostmayer said the product can be used to nourish grass on a baseball field, parks and even for landfills.

Using biodegradable bags would reduce plastic bags in city landfills, reducing the amount of waste in the city’s waste management system.

Cambridge’s pilot program used a $100,000 “anaerobic digester” which turns the gases given off by the decomposing poop into electricity.

Though he’s doubtful the city would be willing to commit that much cash to a pilot program, if successful, running all of the city’s dog waste through such a device could generate enough electricity to light 750 homes, Kostmayer said.


georgetheatheist said...

I drove down to Mexico back in the '80's. Drove all over the place in a Beetle. The stories I could tell you - like the time I stopped at a Pemex Station (That's the name of the Mexican collectivized oil company, folks). After tanking up, I decided to use the men's facilities. Went inside and the room was literally crapped over. Looks like they hadn't cleaned it in years. (BTW when you drive on Mexican highways, you see alot of toilet paper strewn all over the roadside because the drivers and the passengers literally shit and piss by the side of the road -because the restrooms are not to be believed.) Anyway, back to that "restroom": you know there was, I kid you not, a sapling -a tree- growing right out of the crapped-up toilet bowl?

Why stop at dog crap when you could recycle human crap?

Anonymous said...

this post is ust a lot of crap.

disgusting .....and almost as obscene as the ugly smelling sidewalks of mid town Manhattan, where the elite let their animals crap and some even pick the crap up .....disgusting.

a lazy dog owner on my street in Bayside, lets the(90 lbs.) dog fill up the back yard with crap, instead of walking one block to the avenue median like every one else.

some forget that you do not crap where you eat.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...electric crap. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Um, the dog owners have to pick up their dog's crap. It's the law. Even if you curb your dog, you still have to pick up the poop.

Anonymous said...

not in your own backyard, they do not. the odor is refreshing ,downwind.....

Anonymous said...

I see dog owners allowing dog to crap on the sidewalk especially in front of my house. OK so what right, they are picking it up right?

Not OK as they can curb control this so that the dog goes on the street at the curb and then pick it up. So these dog folks don't realize the crap stains the walk and true to a dog habit goes in the same spot with other dogs following suit - it why they call this animal a dog. So what right?

If your the home owner - the front of your house - the sidewalk is stained with do shit spotted everywhere and in this heat smell like - well - shit!

So now I have to drag the hose out and wash the sidewalk and waste my time BECAUSE OF SOME DOG OWNERS not all are totally clueless except for the fact it doesn't not occur in front of their house!

Anonymous said...

the city employees designing and approving of the that sign with a dog taking a s--t, should be hospitalized and mentally analyzed.