Saturday, July 28, 2012

Safety concern in Springfield Gardens

From CBS 2:

Residents who live on 185th Street near 143rd Avenue in Springfield Gardens, Queens describe their neighborhood as a racetrack.

They told CBS 2′s Hazel Sanchez on Wednesday that cars whip around a dangerous, two-way curve, with no idea about what may come from the other direction.

There is a school and two day care centers located on 185th Street, and locals said they are surprised that a human has not been seriously hurt yet.

Donovan Richards, a spokesperson from City Councilman Sanders’ office, is now demanding that the Department of Transportation install speed bumps, traffic lights or signs.


Anonymous said...

This was going on in the 1960s. Amazing.

Todd said...

My great-aunt lived 2 blocks over on a similar S-curve. This has been an issue for years. Why are people acting surprised now?

Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought bike lanes were the problem.

Anonymous said...

On 183 street & 140 Ave rout where the Q 85 runs there are numerous accidents. Since there are no lights from Springfield Blvd to Farmers Blvd and only stops signs at Bedell ,184 & 183 sts. all which filters onto 140 Ave. Maybe red flashing lights may help??