Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grant money used to shill for major Queens venues

From the Queens Courier:

Now you can experience the “Real Culture/Authentic Flavor” of Queens.

Local officials, along with the Queens Tourism Council, launched the first ever “Real Culture/Authentic Flavor” summer promotion program, designed to highlight Queens activities and attractions for locals and tourists.

“There’s a lot to do here in America’s most diverse county,” said Borough President Helen Marshall. “This program will highlight dozens of events and attractions here in Queens, and tell visitors how to get discounts.”

Through a grant from the NYC & Company Foundation, the Tourism Council is providing special offers to various venues in Queens through brochures, websites and even Facebook. The main focus is bringing people into the restaurants and entertainment centers in the borough such as Citi Field, the US Open and Resorts World Casino New York City.

Citifield, the US Open and Resorts World are "the real culture/authentic flavor of Queens?"

If anyone can afford their own advertising, it's the above named establishments. Why is QTC wasting grant money shilling for them?


Anonymous said...

What's the most diverse county in the US without shilling?
Actually I believe there must be other counties out there that are just as diverse. A lot has changed in our country's demographics in the past 20 or so years.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the "real culture and diverse flavor" of Queens, and exactly who determines what it is??

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I meant "authentic flavor". The word "diverse" just seems to roll off my keyboard so naturally when writing on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Dump the likes of Terri Osborne and the rest of burro hall's perennial patronage job holders and bench warmers!

Anonymous said...

This is actually a great promotion. Check out and look at the Real Culture/Authentic Flavor pages to find out about all the wonderful attractions going on in Queens right now. This borough has it all.

Ridgewoodian said...

Anon 5 has it right - that website was mentioned at the end of the Courier story but wasn't quoted by Crappy. Don't know why the story specifically mentioned CitiField, the US Open, etc. since they're not mentioned - or barely mentioned - on the actual website, but 18th Century Tavern Night sure is. (I know what I'm doing in November.)

Anonymous said...

Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer, a lifelong resident of Queens, strongly believes in what the borough has to offer.

“[Queens] is the heart and soul of culture and the arts,” he said. “Queens is the greatest borough in New York City.”


I agree, the Queens Tourism Council is doing a good job, but Van Bramer?

The 'Culture' maven of city council went ballistic when local non-profits told him that other council members are more supportive of community cultural groups than he - in his district only the big institutions - with access to other sources of funds - gets the real money.

When he was accused of giving a certain hipster newbie group a ton of money,he denied it. When his own newsletter was produced verifying the amount, he called it a typo.

Is this the person you want to see advance his career in government?

You decide. Just think of what he can do once he has an important public office and his hands on some real money.

Anonymous said...

How many of the New York Mets team, the US Open competitors actually live here? They play here, they live elsewhere. The people who watch them play live elsewhere.

The fact that the Mets, US Open, and RWC are in Queens is more or less a geographical accident.

Anonymous said...


Just like Virginian "Honest Joe" Crowley, the head of the Democratic Organization in Queens....

Travis Bickle said...

“This program will highlight dozens of events and attractions here in Queens, and tell visitors how to get discounts.”

Some attractions not mentioned at the press conference:

- A walking tour map of Corona which points out some of the Crap-ified architecture. See first hand the benefits of America's open borders policy! Coupons good for tamales and enchiladas at local food carts also provided. Botulism and trichinosis at no extra charge!

- A self-guided walking tour of Roosevelt Avenue. Download an mp3 file to your iPod, and listen while the tour points out some of the diverse and vibrant highlights along the way. Find out some of the best spots for a dollar dance, and where the best massage parlors are. Meet up with colorful "chicas chicas" touts and members of MS-13 and Latin Kings along the way!