Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sampson should stay off the roads

From the NY Post:

State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson isn’t exactly the guy you want teaching driver’s ed.

The Brooklyn Democrat piled up 23 parking and traffic violations over 30 months on his state cars — before crashing his government-issued Ford Taurus in the predawn hours last Friday, The Post has learned.

Senate records show that Sampson paid $1,820 in all to New York City and Albany for six red-light violations, a half-dozen no-parking or no-standing infractions, five bus-lane violations, three parking-meter violations and three instances of being caught with his registration sticker missing.


Anonymous said...

where is his chauffeur driven nys state limo ?does he qualify for" limousine liberal " status ?

Anonymous said...

"six red-light violations" !!!!!

Most people would have their licenses pulled for this.

Great opportunity for a resourceful investigative reporter to check out insurance costs and his license status.

Anonymous said...

more than likely,the red lights were cameras,a fine only,no points.If he ever has an accident w/ injuries involved,he's done!

Anonymous said...

Another story where there are rules for the politicians & then there are rules for John Q. Public.

His driver's license should be suspended for at least 6 months.

I know yours or mine would.

Anonymous said...

His privilege to use a state vehicle should be suspended immediately. Let's see if he's equally cavalier using his own vehicle.