Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aqueduct subway station still not open

From the Queens Chronicle:

The Resorts World New York City Casino is closing in on its first anniversary in business. The bars, restaurants, games and other amenities are all open and serving customers. All, save but one.

Months after it was due to open, the A train subway station at Aqueduct Racetrack still is not operating full time. The station, which has one platform on the Manhattan-bound track, is open only on racing days and is served only by Manhattan-bound trains.

Resorts World NYC Spokesman Stefan Friedman said the enclosed skybridge connecting the casino to the station is completed, but work at the station itself is held up because approvals are still needed for work to transform the station into one that could be used full time and in both directions, including a second platform to serve southbound trains.

Resorts World had planned on having the subway link open by this past winter.

For the time being, Resorts World has been utilizing shuttle buses from the Aqueduct-North Conduit Avenue station which has an exit at the south end of the property.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the MTA to throw a wrench into the works!

Anonymous said...

"Resorts World had planned on having the subway link open by this past winter."

Developer X planned on having project Y opened by Z.

Which really translates to add 2 years to the expected opening.

Anonymous said...

Witness the gap between the theory that infrastructure spending stimulates economic growth and the reality...

Anonymous said...

Witness the Republican congressmen causing the gap.

Anonymous said...

Right, the Aqueduct subway isn't ready because of Bush.