Monday, July 30, 2012

Surrogate system is all in the family

From the NY Post:

If you’re a lawyer in New York, there’s no sweeter deal than getting assigned to an estate case in Surrogate’s Court.

The work is often routine — selling assets, paying bills, contacting heirs — but the pay can reach into the millions.

Landing such a gig requires currying favor with one of the city’s seven surrogate judges, who handle wills and estates. They have the power to appoint lawyers and approve their sometimes jaw-dropping invoices.

The jobs often go to the judges’ friends, associates or campaign contributors, court authorities admit. Looting of the estates can sometimes result.

Let's remember that in Queens, the lawyering Crowleys and their cronies are the biggest profiteers at the Surrogate's Court because Joe Crowley appoints the judges who in turn appoint them. Nice, eh?

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Anonymous said...

The Vallone fortune was made this way.