Monday, November 8, 2010

What a waste public authorities are!

MYFOXNY.COM - An investigation by the New York inspector general revealed that the Battery Park City Authority has squandered more than $300,000 on parties, gifts, and free lunches.

"Such excessive spending by a state authority was outrageous," said Inspector General Joseph Fisch, who also noted that the authority's staff complained of favoritism by top executives.

The inspector general's report identified wasteful spending of public funds from 2005 through 2008 on items from $100,000 on executive lunches to $16,000 open-bar parties and $100,000 in inappropriate charitable donations, including a gift to Auburn University Foundation, in Alabama.


Anonymous said...

Give 5 cents to a POl he will spend 25 cents! Get rid of these authorities they are draining the state (you the tax payer)

Anonymous said...

Its insane that one neighborhood has its own "authority"

Anonymous said...

Why do Battery Park City and Roosevelt Island still have public authorities? Both nabes have been developed long ago. They've outlived their usefulness.

Anonymous said...

True that!!!