Saturday, November 20, 2010

St. John's students target of bus stop robberies

From Eyewitness News:

Police are alerting Queens residents and St. John's University students about a band of bus stop bandits who appear to be getting bolder.

Officers from the 107th Precinct have stepped up their patrols with a new sense of urgency.

Detectives have released surveillance images of the three suspects.

Police say the victims were attacked moments after they stepped off the bus near Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows.

The suspects approached the victims from behind and, in some cases, punched and kicked them before stealing cell phones, iPods, Blackberries and cash.

The bus stop bandits struck first on October 20 at 9.40 p.m. and again the next day. They then struck two weeks later, and just this week have struck four more times. Police say there were three muggings Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

These are the three lowlives that mugged my brothers' girlfriend on wednesday night.

She got off the bus and they punched her in the back of the head and stole her purse.

In the video they are using her credit card at a mcdonalds in cambria heights.Goes to show you just how stupidn they are.All we did was call the credit card co. we got the address of the mcdonalds,called the detective at the 107,they went to the mcds' immediately and VOILA! THERE THEY ARE.Goes to show you that their not just cowards but beyond fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

To: University Community
From: Thomas J. Lawrence, Vice President, Public Safety
Re: Public Safety Advisory
Date: Friday November 19, 2010

The Department of Public Safety has been informed by the New York City Police Department of a robbery pattern occurring in Queens over the past two months. The first incident occurred on October 21, 2010 and the most recent incident occurred Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

The NYPD report of this pattern includes six incidents where both men and women, ages 19-45, were robbed. In each incident, the suspects have not used weapons. In the latest incident, force was used on the victim.

The victims of these incidents each state that they were robbed by three male suspects fitting the same description:

Male, black, 16-20 years old, medium build, wearing dark hooded jackets

One of the suspects was described as having slight facial hair

The suspects may have been driving a dark colored sedan

Of the recent incidents, only one occurred in the St. John’s vicinity, on Union Turnpike and 172nd Street, just outside of the Queens Campus.

Investigative news stations have erroneously reported that three of the victims might have been St. John’s University students. Contrary to these reports, none of the victims are University students.

The Department of Public Safety is working directly with the New York City Police Department to assist in their continuing investigation. Anyone with information on the identities of the suspects is asked to contact the Department of Public Safety at the below listed phone numbers immediately:

Ext. 5252
(718) 990-5252

Captain Renault said...

Maybe the St. John's students should stop doing the bus stop, and start doing that other 70's dance - the hustle!

Male, black, 16-20 years old, medium build, wearing dark hooded jackets


Big Hairy Balls said...

Here's a great idea; set up a decoy for a robbery. When they strike, a crowd of 20 men with baseball bats & tire irons beats them senseless. No more robberies, no need to rely on the cops & it's so much FUN to crack their skulls wide open!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, if these thugs keep robbing folks of their credit cards to charge meals at McDonald's, they will be dead or coronary artery decease in 20 years.

See, everything evens out in the end.

Anonymous said...

You can't even stand at a bus stop anymore??!! WTF?

Anonymous said...

They are black I did not see that one coming.