Monday, November 29, 2010

Alternate side regulations lifted along Bell Blvd

From Bayside Patch:

Bell Blvd. has not had a street cleaning in years, but signs prohibiting parking for sweeping from 8 to 9 a.m. on most weekdays were left up until this past weekend, leaving drivers vulnerable to tickets.

"Bell Boulevard has not had street cleaning in years due to the fact the area has maintained a high scorecard rating (above 90 per cent) which tracks the cleanliness level of both streets and sidewalks," said Department of Sanitation spokeswoman Kathy Dawkins.

"In order to remove the signs, Sanitation sent inspectors to the local [area] and made a recommendation for the Department of Transportation to remove the signs," said Dawkins. She did not indicate when the communication between the two agencies took place.

The DOT did not respond to an inquiry to provide a timeframe of when Sanitation suggested taking the signs down, as of press time.

"Thousands of my constituents have been ticketed by the City for a service they aren't even getting," said Councilman Dan Halloran, R-Whitestone, adding, "Here, drivers were paying $100 tickets for street cleaning that hasn't happened in years."

Halloran had blasted the DOT at a Nov. 16 City Council hearing for its refusal to remove the signs. The Bayside Village Business Improvement District also met with the DOT earlier this month to extend parking hours on Bell Blvd, which, according to the BID, they have in some locations.

"Excessive ticketing along Bell is killing these local businesses, which are our primary job creators," said Halloran. "And this is ticketing for a non-existent city 'service.' I'm glad the Department of Transportation came to its senses. I just can't believe it took this long."


Anonymous said...

No more tickets for "Dan the Man" hip hip ......

While this is a wonderful thing, it was the business owners that made it happen, Halloran happened to be the Councilman in office at the time.

Look up the history of this fight.

Anonymous said...

Since when does alternate side parking have anything to do with actually cleaning the streets?

Babs said...

I don't go NEAR Bell Blvd. these days out of fear of getting a ticket. I recently went to Monahan's for dinner with friends - parked BLOCKS away from the Blvd.

It was their choice to eat there - the food was GREAT - but, I will NOT go to Bell because of the DOT presence.

Anonymous said...

"- but, I will NOT go to Bell because of the DOT presence."

Or you could just feed the meter.

Anonymous said...

"Or you could just feed the meter."
Seriously, it's not that hard to avoid tickets.