Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buyers lining up for tennis stadium

From Forest Hills Patch:

Between seven and 10 potential suitors have lined up to take a crack at the Forest Hills stadium, either to save and restore it or turn it into something new, the West Side Tennis Club president said in an interview. Just what is most likely to happen at the site, however, is still anyone's guess.

Ken Parker, president of the West Side Tennis Club, said that while the process is still in its somewhat early stages, there is definitely continued interest from buyers in the club's tennis stadium.

"We're going to see who's really qualified to make a proposal and then we'll go over and see what those proposals are once we get them," Parker said.

Parker made it clear that the club's board didn't have any plans on turning the stadium into a charity case, saying that they wouldn't spend any time discussing fundraising efforts to restore the aging structure.

"We're not interested in getting involved in a fundraiser for them to raise capital," Parker said. "They have to be in a position to come across with some viable ideas and the financing behind it."


Anonymous said...

No surprise; it's amazing it lasted as long as it did once it was no longer a venue for the US open.

Anonymous said...

32 YEARS JUST ROTTING AWAY! FOR SHAME!!! It took just 3 years to complete the decrepit High-Line in Manhattan. Could someone juxtapose a picture of the stadium with the Roman Colliseum? A lot of similarities....

Anonymous said...

chinese mall for Mr. Riis

Joe said...

Good chance the Clear Channel Ticketmaster mob will swoop that up then charge $80 + ticket fee's for concert tickets like they did in Westbury.
I saw Simon & Garfunkel with The Doors there right on the stage wing.
The crowd hated Jim Morrison he was almost killed, it got real scary at one point
I think tickets were a flat $5 my grandfather was the stage tech

Anonymous said...

It would be a great venue for concerts again, but with private security, not with NYPD on overtime so the "non-locals" don't trash the neighborhood.