Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Queens tops car theft list

From the NY Post:

If you're heading into Queens, maybe it's better to leave the car behind.

An average of eight cars a day get snatched off the streets of the borough's leafy neighborhoods -- making it the auto-theft capital of the Big Apple.

And the number of cars disappearing in the borough has been steadily climbing.

So far this year, 3,037 cars have been stolen, an increase of 9.2 percent since last year, according to NYPD Compstat figures released Nov. 9.

The dismal borough stats represent 34 percent of the total number of vehicles stolen citywide.

When hunting for vehicles, goons are most likely to target Honda Civics and Accords, the top two cars stolen in the city, records show.

The next three vehicle makes most likely to be stolen are the Nissan Maxima, Toyota Camry and Ford Econoline van, according to the NYPD.

When crooks don't take an entire car, they'll take its wheels and rims, authorities said. Lately, there have been reports of several car-stripping incidents in Astoria and Bayside.

Police said there isn't a ring linked to any of the thefts and many of the incidents appear to be the work of small-time criminals.

In an effort to combat the spree, NYPD has beefed up its night patrols, and cops are now stopping tow trucks to check whether they are legitimately hauling off vehicles, according to an NYPD spokesperson.


Anonymous said...

2:30-4:30 am is the best time to stal a car....even better if it's raining.That's why you leave the house lights on,allnight

Anonymous said...

Night-time patrols by the 110 precinct? How about patrolling 80th street between Grand Ave and 57th Ave? this has not occurred in 40 years? Just wait till the new Park and new highschool(s) (3) are opened on 57th Ave - there will be plenty of calls for the 100 to not respond to!!!!!!!!! Big joke!!!!!!!!! I am chaining my car to any tree left in the area!

Anonymous said...

Above poster: "They" will take the tree and the car....and possibly the half the sidewalk as well....

Anonymous said...

That part of the 110 precinct is the least busy, basically the south side of Queens Blvd.

They steal vans for their weight(scrap metal).

Anonymous said...

most minorities, most thefts. what a shock.

Anonymous said...

Actually most minorities are in the Bronx. Then Brooklyn. Then Queens in that order... next time you choose to be racist at least be correct in your assumptions.

Anonymous said...

When my brother lived in Queens, his car was stolen from in front of his house. He later found out when the cops came to his door, that it was used as the get away car in a bank robbery.