Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bruno off the hook

From the NY Post:

Federal prosecutors, citing a recent US Supreme Court decision, have conceded for the first time that last year's conviction of former state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno on two felony counts must be dismissed, The Post has learned.

The concession came in a letter from Northern District US Attorney Richard Hartunian to Bruno lawyer William Dreyer late last month in response to Dreyer's inquiry about the impact of the unanimous Supreme Court ruling in June throwing out the complicated "honest services" statute under which Bruno was convicted.

Hartunian, after reviewing details of the decision and noting that the judge's instructions to the jury were based on the now-nullified statute, told Dreyer, "We will concede that reversal is appropriate as a result of the instructional error."


Tee Nager said...

My parents lied to me! Crime DOES pay!

Anonymous said...

is not liberal/democrat dictatorship grand in nys ??? and the federal government too ????

Anonymous said...

Bruno? Another non-white, non-anglican criminal bastardizing the American way of life and surreptitiously scheming money out of good hardworking people.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit knowing Saratoga County which Bruno came from is today the only county in NYS save for NYC that is growing. Bruno did bring the money back to Saratoga Springs where is a magnet for all sorts of big business moving there. This was formerly a backwater 20 years ago and today you pay up to live there. At least Bruno has done right by his constituents and people up there will tell you the same.

If Sheldon Silver is still loose than why is Bruno being picked on? Hint, hint - who's in charge since Gov Pataki retired, Spitzer, Patterson - now Cuomo? The 3 stooges LOL!