Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Park vs. towers in LIC

From LIC Post:

The city’s decision to appoint a for-profit developer to build 1,000 high-rise apartments on public land along the Long Island City waterfront was universally panned by residents at last week’s Community Board 2 meeting.

Earlier this summer, the city—through the Economic Development Corp– announced that it had selected TF Cornerstone, the Manhattan-based real estate firm, to develop a 4.5 acre site near 44th Drive and 5th Street. The project could bring 1,000 apartments, 400,000-square-feet of commercial space, and a school for 600 students at an estimated cost of $925 million. One-quarter of the apartments will be classified as “affordable.”

Residents who spoke at CB2’s monthly meeting in Sunnyside on Thursday said there was little need for more high-end, luxury towers in Hunters Point, especially when they’d be built on city-owned land by a for-profit developer.

Several residents said the site should be converted into a park.


JQ LLC said...

I'm sure Albanese would have turn this into 100% affordable. Now all those parcels that he mentioned are all going to be plundered by the Gentrification Industrial Complex.

Anonymous said...

Any quick primer-- by anyone would be appreciated-- on how billion dollar hi-rises can afford to be built, and then sit mostly empty? How is money being made (legit and otherwise) and by whom to allow this to continue? Am I wrong that they are mostly empty? They look mostly empty? There is strong demand for $4K per month apartments in Queens? People are lining up to get in?

TommyR said...

LIC is a lost cause, how sad. There's a bit of light and some sad slivers of green to enjoy if you're a waterfront resident, they can enjoy "that". The rest of the borough can then look west and be reminded what to avoid lest LIC duplicate itself everywhere. It's your fight now, Sunnyside...good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that piece of excrement DeDumDum has to pay for his campaign and lawsuits somehow, folks. This developer obviously greased the right pocket.

Anonymous said...

the developers are greasing JVB's pockets very well and the mayor and also all of the counsel people in Astoria/LIC -- and that you can take to the bank

Anonymous said...

Tommy FeetzFreeze sounds like a developer, or worse, a politician.

The problem here are the fake civics and politically appointed community board. That's where the real attention should be focused.

Look at DKCA focused on neighborhood amenities for the new development and nary a word on the community's disappearance.

TommyR said...

@Anon re: primer

For sure there's demand. Artificial demand propped up by scummy REI interests, RE agents, and people with more money than sense (New York City loves those). Those glass boxes are for-sure luxurious and nice, with plenty of modern amenities. The real lure is being able to say you live overlooking the East River with view of the City, and there's nothing that says that lifestyle should be knocked. The problem is when urban planners, policy-makers, etc feel that such a lifestyle/configuration is ONLY one of TWO ways to reside in NYC: either you're in a luxury pencil-box, or you're in subsidized affordable housing. Everyone in-between, apparently, can go get lost so as to make room for more glass boxes and subsidized housing.

Anonymous said...

More scams. Affordable for whom?

Anonymous said...

>More scams. Affordable for whom?

The Mayor's core supporters.