Friday, September 15, 2017

Residents protest taxes on co-ops and condos

From the Queens Tribune:

Residents of Bellerose’s Parkwood Estates condominium complex and members of the organization Politics Reborn turned out on Friday to protest city property taxes on condos and co-ops in front of Assemblyman David Weprin’s (D-Fresh Meadows) office.

The protesters accused the assemblyman and city of lagging on a bill aimed at capping co-op and condo assessments.

“He’s the one dragging his feet,” Alice Christy, a Parkwood Estates resident and member of Politics Reborn, said of Weprin.

Christy noted that Weprin is one of the sponsors of bill A00354A, which would cap co-op and condo assessments at 8 percent in any one year and 30 percent in any five years. The bill’s author is Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside). It is identical to a bill in the state Senate sponsored by state Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Flushing).

“[The bill] just languishes there,” said Christy.

She added that 30 percent is still a big increase, “but it’s better than what we would have. Our community is middle-middle class. We can’t afford homes in the area, yet we have too much money for affordable housing. We need this to pass. The city commissioner of finance is just kicking this down the road. I’m not giving up. I’m a tiger.”

The condominium has a large senior population. Christy, who is a senior, said that with property taxes rising, her fees have risen as well. She added that the funds seniors receive from the city’s STAR program have not increased.

Christy and fellow organizers at Friday’s protest went door to door, persuading residents of the condominium to sign more than 250 letters urging Weprin to push the legislation.


Anonymous said...

"Our community is middle-middle class. We can’t afford homes in the area, yet we have too much money for affordable housing." -So true!

Anonymous said...

A David Weprin Assembly bill is as useless as one legged cat trying to bury its shit on a frozen pond

Anonymous said...

Without a Republican sponsor in the State Senate, this bill is going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Same everywhere. When you see House for Sale signs, chances are retired folks are moving out, because they cannot afford the ever increasing tax payments, water bills and other "inflation" adjusted bills, not to mention repairs and maintenance.

Also I heard stories where the city did not give the proper exemption for senior/disabled homeowners.
Appeals are being swept under the rug with no response from the city.
Pathetic if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

now why did we have to bring the one legged cat into it Anon #2?

Anonymous said...

A 30% increase in 5 years seems insane, and yet the state can't somehow agree on that as a ceiling!

Anonymous said...

Still wondering how so many foreigners can afford to buy houses in NYC but regular working class Americans can't afford it.

Anonymous said...

I'm moving to PA when I retire. My Co-Op taxes on a one bedroom unit in Whitestone are going through the roof. Soon I will be paying more than a single family home down the block.

JQ LLC said...

My condolences to anyone owning a home in the 5 boroughs these days. Since they are the ones picking up the financial slack for predator developer welfare abatements.

Anonymous said...

Aint gonna happen !
Da Blassole and his like want a the middle class so miserable and crushed they have no choice but depend on and support autocratic government if they wish to live here.
So many people are crushed and suffering they now need Socialism guaranteeing re-election of the mayor including every single incumbent diz, crook & shithead.
This was all planned by design.

One must accept this outlook (to keep their sanity from hate and utter disgust)or move to get away from it.
Its a dam shame. Its just hard to accept the city we knew, our ancestors built and in some cases died for is now dead, it no longer exists. Staying here is like waking up in a graveyard and looking at dead flowers fresh new burials every morning.
--Fuck that, I'm moving to Florida or Texas. Its 1/3 the cost to live and I will never see a snow shovel, $4500 taxes or $3000+ heating bills.