Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Illegal conversions being taken more seriously

From PIX11:

Illegal home conversions are a key issue in several city council races among the five boroughs.

The New York City Department of Buildings has thousands of open complaints, which is why each week, several marshals investigate the complaints with one goal in mind: keeping New Yorkers safe.

Many doors have been closed on federal agents such as Marshal Ryan Gobin as they investigate homes for the Department of Buildings.

Gobin is part of a team that responds to the thousands of complaints of illegal conversions across the five boroughs.

Many times, it’s unknowing homeowners putting their families at risk. Other times, it’s landlords jeopardizing tenants.


JQ LLC said...

The red cross is a joke, when hurricane sandy happened and now harvey they were nowhere to be found and concerned independent groups of people did most of the work helping people victimized.

Now they are going after working poor people and the immigrants (legal and illegal) the city officials feign and deign to care about so much. This is to force these people into their donor's hotels and clusters which still exists and the next shelters that will be built or more likely the clusters that will be converted to entirely house the homeless.

There are dangers with these conversions, but lets not kid ourselves. The city did not give a shit before because they were voting for the right hacks or couldn't vote at all because of their status. This is to maintain the lousy status quo and the democrat machine.

Anonymous said...

So many illegal conversions in flushing and bayside area. What used to be a neat manicured area is gone.Overgrown lawns and weeds ,untrimmed bushes, and properties littered.
New owners pay over million dollars the for the home ,then rent out each room and basement.But they dont tend to the outside of their home.Just take a walk around the area.You can spot the recently sold homes, now by their lack proper care.

Anonymous said...

For a short time after each tragedy, city government takes some notice. Then, it's back to business as usual.
DOB sucks big time! Since REBNY runs NYC do not expect permanent change.

Anonymous said...

There are at least ten illegal conversions on my single family, residential block in Ozone Park alone. But, every time the Fire Department and marshals show up, no one answers the door, and another free pass is given, as they look the other way.

These illegal, openly practiced conversions have wreaked havoc on my once quiet and respectable block, where the Guyanese continue to pack their homes with more illegal tenants than an ACTUAL tenement building! No quality of life whatsoever, as it just keeps getting worse by the hour.

But, where is dumb Blasio on this? FUNDRAISING! I wish that I could lynch this empowered idiot myself, because I would do it in a heartbeat (likewise, criminal sociopath Michael Jewburg - the greatest scourge of them all)!

Anonymous said...

This is what should be done. They should try one attempt no fine. The second attempt if no entry is given a $1,000 fine. The third attempt $5,000 and so on. I bet they will stop all these illegal conversions and the city will make money too.