Friday, September 22, 2017

They're all connected

More from Progress Queens:

In Queens, faith in Government institutions was revealed to be severely lacking after New York City Council candidate Paul Graziano filed a civil petition in New York State Supreme Court for Queens County, alleging criminality, such as fraud and forgery, in the ballot petitioning process carried out by incumbent Councilmember Paul Vallone (D-Bayside). On the Queens Crap blog, which attracts some of Queens most formidable civic-minded activists, some of the comments posted by readers to news of the court filing expressed concern that the justices of the Queens County court system would not be able to independently oversee the Court case. To some Government reform activists in Queens, the Graziano Court petition served as a symbolic Rorschach test, providing insight into the public's lack of faith in the Queens County court system. Many comments on the Queens Crap post raised questions about the "allegiance" that justices in the Queens County court system owed to leaders of the Queens Democratic County Committee, expressed concern that Mr. Graziano would not be able to receive a "fair hearing," and invoked the resignation that the "the [Queens] Machine will work to stop this at all costs."

Concerns about possible interference by the Queens Democratic County Committee were rooted in the fact that the County committee supports the reelection of incumbents as a way to earn political allegiance and to create a lockstep on power and authority over local elected officials. The role of money in politics is also a factor, because the County committee can marshal resources to support the reelection of incumbents, leaving primary challengers at a distinct financial disadvantage. Indeed, as reported by Progress Queens, Mr. Graziano ultimately discontinued his Court petition due to the high anticipated costs of having to litigate his case, reaffirming the belief to some Government reform activists that the role of money in politics even extends to being able to successfully petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The allegations made by the Graziano campaign against the Vallone campaign heightened new fears about the integrity of the voting process in Queens. In the 2016 election cycle, it was revealed that the New York City Board of Elections purged large numbers of voters without cause, triggering the filing of a Federal civil rights complaint in Brooklyn Federal Court that was later joined by both the U.S. Attorney's Office, headed at that time then by Mr. Capers, and by the office of the State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D-New York). To some Government reform activists, it has appeared that Queens voters have been disenfranchised for two years in a row, first, in 2016, when some voters were purged from the rolls, and, second, this year, when Federal prosecutors did nothing to investigate the allegations of criminality in the Graziano petition against the Vallone campaign, thereby allowing voters to cast their ballots for an incumbent, who may later be investigated for wrong-doing, although there is no indication that Federal prosecutors are presently conducting any such investigation. The press office of the U.S. Attorney's Office in Brooklyn did not answer advance questions submitted by Progress Queens for this report.


Anonymous said...

I am voting for Paul Graziano. He has been a true fighter for the community for years.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who voted for Vallone either doesn't read or doesn't care about our community. Shame on the Vallone voters.

They better wake up by the November elections and vote for Paul Graziano. Since Vallone took office, crime has increased, tear downs have increased and crazy huge brick boxes with many many bedrooms have increased. However Bowne Park got renovated??? Who cares? it's time to elect someone who will PROTECT us not sell us to the highest bidder.


Anonymous said...

Today I drove past that huge school built on 48th Avenue where Kiel Brothers used to be, with two-story crap on the other side, and I thanked God that Paul Graziano and the people spoke up and stopped the school that Vallone wanted to be built on 32nd Avenue at the site of the Bayside Jewish Center. I can't even imagine what the traffic on 32nd would be like if Vallone had his way and a school was built there.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt Crowleys and the vacuous Vallones must go down in this election if the doomed county of Queens is to ANY hope of survival in the next 4 years!

Anonymous said...

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said President Trump’s behavior “paints a picture of potential obstruction” — and he believes Trump would have asked him to do something inappropriate if he had stayed on the job.