Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pols side with Spectrum strikers and not their victims

From CBS 2:

Thousands of union workers rallied in both Downtown Brooklyn and Foley Square in Lower Manhattan in Monday, in support of the striking Spectrum cable workers.

Cuomo and de Blasio are offering fiery rhetoric.

“It’s about respect and fairness,” Cuomo said.

But the residents and businesses on Austin Street in Forest Hills, Queens want fairness and respect too. It is one of many neighborhoods hit by massive outages in their cable, internet and phone services when the workers walked off the job on March 28.

There have been about 100 attacks on the fiber optics system – acts of vandalism that have left thousands and thousands inconvenienced since the strike began.

“I assume there’s some kind of money involved,” said Bareburger manager Adam Bariando. “As a person who campaigned talking about the people; the working class, I would expect him to side with us.”


JQ LLC said...

There are a lot of store shuttered gates on Austin st. lately.

I am all for unions and workers rights, but what these goons have done is rotten.

De Faustio again displays cowardice, and why not, he has his second term locked and he doesn't give a shit about the inquiries of the press, especially of Ms. Kramer and the constituents, which for the time being is irrelevant or decimated because of the transients that are occupying the boroughs now (have they even registered to vote???)

But what is overlooked again is the corrupt mayor's hypocrisy of using spectrum's new york one as an outlet, when he was doing weekly interviews with Errol Lewis on NY1, as a rationale to avoid the press every day. He's very cunning for a stupid fucking idiot.

And Mario's son is quite the vile opportunist trying to rally on the side of workers like he's Cesar Chavez, trying to coattail ride the wave of progressive politics that are now being embraced by the nation. Even though he half-assed it with the minimum wage raise that takes years for it to help people catch up with the costs of living and the lousy legalization of medical marijuana but only in a disgusting pill or liquid form and the continuing difficulty in distributing it and obtaining it.

I am utterly sick of these two bags of dicks and shit and am embarrassed as a voter and person to have them represent the city and state.

Anonymous said...

So where has the QB President been through all of this??? Doesn't she have anything to say about this? If it's bad for families, it's bad for Queens. No? Why has she been silent????

Anonymous said...

These thugs are nothing but terrorists holding their 'customers' hostage.

They deserve and get no sympathy from average people.

Anonymous said...

New York State's monstrously failed government, along with the rest of the 'UNITED STATES of AMNESIA and ENTERTAINMENT,' are part of a national proletariat, 'Hijack-and-Held-in-Terminal-Hostage' mode, as We, the People's flag, country and Constitution have been so completely abrogated, that the only justice left within this filthy nation of 'KLEPTOCRATIC,' corporate obedient PLUTOCRACY is the rank-and-file's OWN outbreak of violence, lawlessness and vigilantism in the streets as a 'Cause & Effect' of the willful government tyranny, classism, CLASS WARFARE, and totally hostile environment from City Hall and Albany that only continues to wreak permanent havoc by the hour――as Mafia boss Cuomo orders his police state regime to protect all entrenched, establishment-rigged criminal sociopaths like himself――at the soul-crushing expense of his ever languishing subjects who continue to pay the ultimate price of his 300% false, fake and monstrously failed leadership.

Even REAL Mafia crime family rings worldwide could never rival, much less surpass, the lethal stranglehold that THIS terminally 'crooked-and-corrupt,' Albany administration FOISTS on our hostage-held-and-oppressed taxpayers' that has created the greatest crimes against humanity that now sets a disgraceful precedent for a New York State dictatorship/police state of totalitarian governed monarchy――and, the public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed, SCARRED FOR LIFE, and damned!

Anonymous said...

What about the deliberately cut cables in Queens and then in Brooklyn which resulted in the loss of internet service for me and thousands of others for a day and a half about 10 days ago? Sure smells like disgruntled employee to me!

Anonymous said...

Union thugs are just another form of racketeering