Monday, September 25, 2017

Willets Point businesses evicted from Queens now evicted from the Bronx

On September 21, 2017, video producer Robert LoScalzo attended a press conference of Sunrise Cooperative, a group of Willets Point automotive businesses, held at the Bronx site where they intended to relocate. They announced their pending eviction from the Bronx site, and requested that Mayor Bill de Blasio intervene. LoScalzo published this brief video synopsis. (c) 2017 LoScalzo Media Design LLC.


kapimap said...

Those poor business owners/employees get jerked taking the first offer, and leaving quietly.

I have passed by willets point , and see more buildings raised, to cater to this re developement project. Very sad !

Imho, hope they flatten it out, and fill with grass and trees. F the real estate developers.

There should be, if anything, a mitchell lama only community being built, queens residents along the roosevelt ave section of the 7 line should get first dibs.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but how as a business person you put any trust in duhblazio and government to do anything for you, especially relocate your business, is naive. Government will DO NOTHING for you, except steal your money.

Anonymous said...

This is no longer a city for the entreprenuer. It is a city FOR PIGS !!!
- all you politicians are FREAKIN' PIGS !!

Anonymous said...

He got it backwards. You went to Willets when the Cross Bronx evicted you from the Concourse

JQ LLC said...

I mentioned this in Crappy's post of that video of the fighting holdouts who are still at Willets (open for business!) And now they are being betrayed after being bamboozled. What a horrible story. And what a set up, being the warehouse not only the city's plan for them, how the hell are they suppose to business when you can't even find the place or without a sign in front. This is not a We Work or any of those other imitation hipshit workspaces that are taking over commercial space in buildings and in warehouses in Brooklyn. (Speaking of WeWork, what work do they actually do? and what do they work on and manufacture?)

I'll say it again, de Faustio doesn't care about Hispanic people. Or blacks and whites. He cares for frivolous spending idiots in their 20's and 30's, tourists and his overlord predatory developer and predatory equity donors.