Monday, September 18, 2017

Willets Point eyed as LGA parking lot

From Queens Chamber of Commerce:

While phases one and two are clearly defined and underway, there is a potential third phase in the works. Governor Andrew Cuomo has stated publicly on several occasions his desire for an AirTrain connecting the airport with the 7 subway stop and Long Island Railroad at Willets Point.

[Lysa C.] Scully said there are a number of factors at work with such a project, and all of them are currently being analyzed. Those findings and recommendations could be before the Port Authority board by the end of the year.

“There are a number of factors, if they all come to the right agreement point, that would provide a terrific opportunity,” she said. “There’s a thought about a consolidated rental car facility there and employee parking, things that today are very complicated because we’re so landlocked and we’re very respectful to the community.”


Anonymous said...

Funny that: it was parking for World's Fair

(sarc) said...

"The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king,"

Unfortunately our monarch has absolutely NO conscience!

Beware of the many ruses, deals, and favors that we are not apprised of...

Anonymous said...

There is an awful lot of talking about rail line construction in this election year, likely it will all be forgotten after the same old shitheads are re-elected

Anonymous said...

Extend the SEVEN to Forest Hills

Anonymous said...

Use the tennis stadiums and City Field. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Really stupid idea, huge bus crash in Flushing earlier this morning.
I mean 3 dead and dozens injured at 6:20AM Main Street/Northern Boulevard corner.
What we need is less development, less traffic, not more insanity from these political hacks that ruin everybody's life in NY.

Anonymous said...

Lysa C. Scully's comments are insulting - "There are a number of factors, if they all come to the right agreement point, that would provide a terrific opportunity" "Respectful to the community"

That's the biggest joke I've ever heard. They are not at all respectful to the community. AND the only opportunities are to F over the quality of life in the community. For example:

1) The city claimed Eminent Domain over the land occupied by businesses across the street from Shea Stadium - what is now Citifield, in order to fulfill their fantasies to build towering apartment buildings and a shopping mall on swap land.
Its a bigger wasteland now,and legitimate Mom and Pop repair shop and construction business owners have suffered as well as the customers who patronized them.

2) The city has allowed construction of towering "mixed use" buildings in the Flushing Main Street area. Flushing Commons is situated on part of what was a municipal parking lot for "the community", and now GRID LOCK and lack of parking is a daily cf.

3) Buses terminating on 39th Avenue or on Roosevelt Ave take up to 30 minutes to travel from the intersection of Union Street and Northern Blvd. That was a 3 minute trip before the "mixed use" Flushing Commons building took over part of the same municipal parking lot ( #2 above) at Union Street between 37th and 39th avenues. The addition of Traffic Cops at 37th Avenue and 138th Street has not solved the problem.

These people are seriously DELUSIONAL !! Worst part of this is that they have already made their decision with no thought as to the impacts of those decisions on the surrounding community and we have absolutely no say.

More and more everyday I feel that its time to get the F out of NY -its filled with worms eating away at our flesh.

Anonymous said...

there is already a route from the 7 train to LGA. It is called the Q70 bus LaGuardia Link. It works wonderfully. took the 7 to Jackson Heights and in 10 minutes I was dropped off at the Delta terminal. Bus stops at all the terminals. nice and easy and cheap (just your regular metrocard.) I Don't understand why we need to build a subway or parking.

Anonymous said...

Here is the outstanding member of the community who created the huge accident in Flushing:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/article-mong-0919.jpg

Can you say drinking problem?