Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Day care site not ideal

From the Queens Chronicle:

To some, the two-story Great Sunshine Day Care building under construction on 67th Avenue and 172nd Street is not a bright idea.

The suburban Flushing intersection is one block from PS 173’s playground and two from the school itself by the western edge of Fresh Meadows. Some in that neighborhood think that the combination of traffic from the school and the day care center, at their worst times, will together be problematic.

Fresh Meadows resident Bill Anello told the Chronicle that traffic from the school causes cars to be “double-parked in the morning and triple-parked all along 67th Avenue.”

Moreover, Anello says that the area already has plenty of day care centers. And he added that there is another one planned at the former Carol School Supply building.

According to Anello, the day care center will serve 290 kids. It is not clear where he heard that — when the Chronicle followed up, he did not immediately respond.

Michael Tang, a lawyer who has discussed the day care plan with community members, did not immediately respond when the Chronicle asked how many people — employees or children — would be at the business.


(sarc) said...

We have schools on the busiest of streets.

This is the natural human resistance to change.

Save your energies for the incoming homeless shelters and new mini correctional facilities ...

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the disaster to start at the new school where the kiels brothers was located on rockyhill. Talk about a disaster!

Anonymous said...

They're building not one, but two day care centers right on Main St in Kew Gardens Hills. The traffic there is bad enough without them, I can only imagine how bad it'll be once they open.

But where else are they supposed to build it? No where else in the neighborhood is zoned for it, and I imagine if they put it on a side street the people living next to it would complain, too.