Saturday, September 9, 2017

De Blasio's monuments commission appointed

From CBS 2:

The members of the commission are:


Darren Walker President of the Ford Foundation; longtime leader in nonprofit and philanthropic sectors

Tom Finkelpearl Commissioner, Department of Cultural Affairs

Commission Members

Richard Alba Distinguished Professor at CUNY Graduate Center; former vice president of the American Sociological Association

Michael Arad Architect; designer of the World Trade Center Memorial

Harry Belafonte Singer; songwriter; actor; and civil rights activist

John Calvelli Executive Vice President for Public Affairs of the Wildlife Conservation Society; Vice Chair of International Affairs at the National Italian American Foundation

Mary Schmidt Campbell President of Spelman College; former vice-chair of President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities

Gonzalo Casals Director of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art; adjunct faculty at CUNY Hunter College in arts administration

Teresita Fernandez Visual artist with experience in public art; MacArthur Fellow

Amy Freitag Executive Director of the JM Kaplan Fund; former Executive Director at New York Restoration Project

Catie Marron Editor of books on urban parks and public spaces; chair of the board of Friends of the High Line; trustee of the New York Public Library

Jon Meacham Vanderbilt professor; Pulitzer prize-winning biographer of Jefferson and Jackson

PepĆ³n Osorio Visual artist with experience in public art; MacArthur Fellow

Harriet Senie Public art scholar; author; professor of art history and director of the Art History program and Art Museum Studies at City College of New York

Shahzia Sikander Visual artist with experience in public art; MacArthur Fellow

Audra Simpson Mohawk anthropologist; Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University

John Kuo Wei Tchen Historian of Chinese Americans in New York City; Associate Professor at New York University

Mabel Wilson Architect; scholar of race, memory, and urbanism; Associate Professor at Columbia University

Ex-Officio City Agencies Public Design Commission, Law, Education, and Parks


JQ LLC said...

Jesus tap dancin' Christ, he actually did this. What a stupid idiot.

ron s said...

Whatever you think of the idea of the Commission, at least it looks qualified.

georgetheatheist said...

So how does this work? They all sit around a table pondering and then vote yes or no?

Take down Columbus and he goes up on my roof.

Anonymous said...

Alas, these are all political hacks that didn't even bother to help the beloved 'Triumph Of Civic Virtue,' when former Queens Borough Hall scourge, Helen Marshall, spent We, the People's publicly unauthorized tax dollars to cart a 16-ton statue away (like cardboard garbage), and then this voracious, self-appointed public act censor-thief ordered the statue lopped off its working fountain base, lifted into the air by crane (and specially designed cage, or armature that cost $100,000), and then laid horizontally onto a flatbed truck to Green-Wood Cemetery, forgotten by Borough Hall's mad dictatorship rule, altogether!

And, here is what the always prescient George Orwell said, in his 1949 nonfiction book entitled, '1984':

❝Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.❞
George Orwell—'1984'
❝We could put Democrats in exhibits, behind glass, watching white political bosses chomp cigars and pass out goodies for votes, as minorities were relegated, as they are today, to failing schools and lost educational opportunity and neighborhoods that have become killing fields for the young and old.

And in great museums, the Democrats could be studied, safely, without endangering the sensibilities of the children.❞
When I read this I have to laugh at our slave masters, the Democrats who treat us as the darkies whose hard work they tax to pay their graft and corruption – and the arrogant contempt they have for you and me. Time to break our chains, Niggas.

Further, in 1971, the Lewis Powell memorandum will tie all knots and connect all dots... another version of this kind of hostile takeover of government happened in 1913 with the robber barons, big industry and the military-industrial complex.

With Woodrow Wilson leading the way creating the fed and the central banking system... this is what created the biggest economic downturn in our country's history... boom and bust is back, only benefiting the top end... these are extracting and extortion tools used by monetary locusts...

❝A people that elect corrupt politicians...are not victims...but accomplices.❞ —George Orwell

❝Politicians are the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.❞ —Frank Zappa

Ya mean, it weren't about muh freedom? Yeah—freedom from living!…/ct-statues-democrats-kass-0…

JQ LLC said...

I am mostly disappointed that Larry Storch wasn't considered.

Anonymous said...

Commission of Ass Hats.

Typical Liberal hype.

It will turn on them soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess,no recommendations till after November 7th.

Anonymous said...

Shit, is one person on that dam list even born in America ?
Why even have a panel because you KNOW these immigrants, liberal and African-Caribbean decent color people are gonna vote to tear all the statues down.

--anything these bastards can do to erase America, its culture and heritage.
This deBlasio is one MF^$%g bastard !!

Anonymous said...

no republican on the list
guess they'll replace all the statues with statues of themselves
and of course columbus circle will have a statue of mayor big slow

Anonymous said...

Lets see, the communist, bolshevik mayor wants to do away with private property, private ownership, also wants to do away with history just like Stalin and other crazed dictators.
Whats next? Kill people who criticize him?
He needs to be investigated and voted out all at the same time.
The world has no need or place for future Karl Marx and Stalin followers.
Put him and his corruption out of misery.
He is begging for it.

Anonymous said...

Belafonte, the far-left activist. Why?

JQ LLC said...

I wonder if all these historical experts donated to CONY or even his last and current campaign. I don't wonder at all that these people all go to the same cocktail party fundraisers.

This makes de Faustio's current bloated administration staff to 320

Anonymous said...

What is the budget for the commission? who's paying for it?

Anonymous said...

Let's see what they will earn a year,I say $100,000 each.

Gary W said...

Belafonte?!? A Castro ass licker?!? WTF! If this isn't sign to get the F out of NY nothing will convince you

Anonymous said...

fuck the communists and the morons who voted for them

Anonymous said...

This is more like a sign to not only get the F out of NYC but a bigger sign to leave, vote this state and these cronies OUT OF THE UNION, BUILD A WALL around the city and the lot of them and let these MF's drive themselves to complete madness and self extinction !

Anonymous said...

Agreed on fuck the communists and the morons who voted for them, the problem is most youth in schools, colleges and people under 30, have been brainwashed and WANT communism. This is going to get worse as more youth enter the voting pool, turn 28 and get booted off the parents health insurance and learn what Obamacare really costs. And #2 they will never get jobs with liberal arts degrees and will need to rely on the government forever. Current Chinese students will take and run everything.
Obama and all the liberals running our schools had 8 years to indoctrinate and engineer a path to communism that cannot be dismantled. They used history in Europe for blueprints including socialized healthcare.

I hate to say this but communism is going to eventually win in NY and there are only two choices if you own a home or valuable property:
1 Put up with the bullshit
2-Move to a red state where you will suffer much less impact and retain more rights. At least for the rest of your lifetime anyway. New York is at the end of the cliff and finished if deBlasio gets another term which he likely will due.

Remember Republican are going to get the biggest punishment ass kicking in history in the coming mid term elections for repeatedly crossing both Trump and voters wishes. At that point there will be no stopping what will happen.

Anonymous said...

Larry Storch...excellent!

Anonymous said...

G the A nails it again!

Anonymous said...

This last Anonymous comment is so Spot On.

Rob in Manhattan said...

It makes no sense to keep monuments to past traitors (R.E. Lee etc.) or a mercenary-pirate like Columbus.

Having these monuments up just confers legitimacy to their acts.

Again, there are plenty of true American heroes who contributed to this great country who deserve public appreciation. If we must have monuments, let's celebrate decent people --not bastards and traitors.

Rob (in Bayside tonight).

georgetheatheist said...

I love the great entrepreneur Columbus who opened up the unchartered lands for western progressive development from the backward Berengians. I love Columbus Day just like I like Christmas!


Ned said...


What a great quote for a bracelet, T shirt or bumper sticker.
This George the A is some kind of genius


Anonymous said...

It's miraculous enough that these mortals who have now been recognized as gods, goddesses and demigods could spare the time away from Mount Olympus to take on this invented work of the idle Mayor.

My concern is that the members of this commission who will determine what we, our children and grandchildren may see and not see, might be overlooking one fact : the possibility that they may not live forever.

Anonymous said...

ChiComs just banned parents from taking their child to CHRISTIAN religious instructions & church,under official gov. harassment & penalty.Only gov. state sanctioned religions are permitted.

Be vigilant that you are not voting for pols in NYC that will force the CHICOM laws on your family.

Anonymous said...

When will the communists in nyc gov. install a statue for Ethel & Julious Rosenberg (soviet /Marxist atom bomb thieves . They already gave her a"DAY"They were convicted & executed in 1945-50.