Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hi-rise residential buildings need PA systems

From NBC:

There's a push for an increased safety measure in New York City high-rise buildings that experts say could save lives. Pei-Sze Cheng reports.


Anonymous said...

What few know is that beyond the 11th floor of any building....FDNY apparatus CANNOT reach you! You're on your own in case of fire.

JQ LLC said...

REBNY are unconscionable scum. This is the same shit that was pulled at the Grenfell Tower in England. With the glaring exception that these are for LUXURY MARKET RATE towers. It can't be any more immoral than to argue that the few affordable housing rate apts, which is the reason why they got to build and still profit, would be jeopardized because of the necessity for safety regulations and provisions. This is nothing less than blackmail.

In a way, I can understand if they lobbied to make sure there were no security systems in those billionaire row towers, because nobody lives in them. But these new towers actually have tenants. And to think what could have possibly happened if those designer drug makers and dealers in that Hunters Point building would have fucked up and set their overpriced apt. on fire.

It would have been nice to see which one of the overpaid hacks at city council received that odious letter from the REBNY overlords.