Friday, September 22, 2017

2 construction workers die on the job

From NY1:

A deadly fall brought work at the site of the Manhattan West development to a standstill after two men tumbled out of a bucket lift to the ground below.

Video shows the moments after the accident at the 62-story mixed-use building going up at 9th Avenue and 33rd street.

EMS crews rushed one victim to the hospital with head and body trauma. The other was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victims were both 45 years old. Witnesses say both men appeared to be wearing safety harnesses but may not have had them secured.

It happened just hours after another fatal fall in Lower Manhattan Thursday morning. Police say Juan Chonillo fell through an open hole and dropped 27 stories to his death at a construction site on Maiden Lane. According to relatives, the 43-year-old father of six was supporting family in Ecuador.


ron s said...

Let me predict the future:
It will be found that the workers:
1)Were not adequately safety-trained
2)Had inadequate safety equipment
3)Did not use their safety equipment correctly
4)Worked for a firm with a long record of safety violations, accidents and deaths.

Anonymous said...

And Leftists want to prevent the construction industry from imposing more safety training for all workers. They feel it's discriminatory toward the immigrant community. So they want immigrant workers to die on the job?? They're nuts!

Anonymous said...

Cue the non-union and illegal alien worker chorus.

Same old, same old.

JQ LLC said...

@ Ron

2 and 4 has already been confirmed.

Just like the pyramids in Egypt, sacrifices must be made to please the gods, which is this case is REBNY.

de Faustio doesn't care about Hispanic people

Gary W said...

5) A political hack has a solution.

Anonymous said...

"According to relatives, the 43-year-old father of six was supporting family in Ecuador"
Translation: Illegal who likely couldn't even read or write to pass and safety courses or understand the equipment. The people hiring these illegals should face mandatory jail !!

In this case they couldn't dump the guy on a hospital doorstep ehh ?
As these builders save loads of $$$ I wonder how many illegals a day are hurt and "dumped" hospital doorsteps and what the cost is to the taxpayer ?

Anonymous said...

"more safety training for all workers"
It doesn't work because its everybody from the city's inspectors failing to check for bad equipment, the Bosses, foreman and workers that are the problem
Most these workers cant read or write and cant pass OHSA and assorted safety classes. Many work with hangovers and are not alert. Commons sense and education go together and you dont get that with $80 a day labor from central American pueblos.

JQ LLC said...

The contractor was cognizant of the risks and of the developers refusal to adhere to safety regulations.

Something is coming soon. De Faustio thinks he may have got away with it, but if casualties and injuries continue at this pace, it's not going to be ignored by the feds, no matter what party affiliation/loyalty is keeping them prosecuting these acts of negligence and the illicit favors that influenced them

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to De Blasshole !
This because like old Bwownie and Preet Bharara the new prosecutor is just as useless and perhaps WORSE.

Anonymous said...

I think the amount of training hours and control the unions are demanding the Council impose are onerous, but there's zero reason a huge multi-billion dollar development like 1 Manhattan West should be using illegal workers and lack basic safety equipment.

The rich get richer, the laws will only be enforced when you want to remodel your house, not when the big developers are building skyscrapers.