Thursday, September 28, 2017

Jamaica junk car zone gets some attention

From PIX11:

It’s a working class neighborhood in Jamaica, Queens. There are many families among the residents on 164th Place and 108th Drive. They take pride in their homes and the surroundings. That’s one of many reasons they reached out to PIX11 for help.

Many of the vehicles have out of state license plates, some have no plates at all, and one truck had a Diplomat plate. We investigated and learned it belongs to the Indonesian Mission to the United Nations. A spokesman said the truck was reported stolen in March, but the police hadn’t contacted the Mission. It appeared as if the truck’s front bumper and headlights had been stolen and the seats inside were missing.

Residents complain the abandoned cars take up valuable parking spaces and, since they’re never moved, it prevents the Sanitation Department from cleaning the street. In addition to being an eyesore, some of the vehicles are filled with junk, posing a possible danger, especially for the children playing on the block. There is a school on the corner.

Fortunately, there is good news to report. After PIX11 contacted the NYPD, the 113th Precinct sent officers to investigate. As a result, late today a spokesperson told PIX11, “one vehicle was issued a summons for being parked on the sidewalk, one vehicle was removed by the police department and 4 vehicles were marked to be removed by sanitation.”


JQ LLC said...

A van with diplo plates. That's just fucking weird. It seems that local cops don't give a shit about diplomatic privileges.

And the precinct suddenly reacted when Arnold Diaz showed up. WHAT A SHAME!

Maybe he should have asked the precinct if they were dumping the cars there, as was discovered on the upper class upper east side on 66th street between park and lex.

Anonymous said...

Tale of two cities ! Just look at all the garbage on the the street. When was the last time a street sweeper went down that block ? Real Queens Crap !

Anonymous said...

And by next week 10 more bullshit cars will be dumped there.

Anonymous said...

Why must reports be made by the public before any NYC agency can do the jobs that they should be able to see with their own eyes?

Res Ipsa said...

It's good that they were able to get something done this time but I bet more cars will replace the removed ones soon. It shouldn't take media intervention to get something done when people are consistently complaining through 311 (and sometimes elected officials) about things.

Anonymous said...

Most look like shit, but that 66-67, 4-door Pontiac Catalina looks like it could be a sweet restoration.

Anonymous said...

so glad they issued that summons for parking on the sidewalk. that'll show the owner!

georgetheatheist said...

The guy called 311. THE 311 SYSTEM MUST BE THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED! I have 2 noisy neighbors - a tenant and a nightclub. UMPTEEN 311 calls reports made - over 5 goddam fucking years - and always "police responded and saw no evidence of anything".

Yeah right - the police "responded". MY ASS!


Joe Moretti said...

And of course the ghetto elected officials of Jamaica have not a damn word to say about this, nothing from useless obese Comrie or Councilman Miller, which this shit is in their district. Just shows what poor black leaders are in black communities and how they continue the "keep Jamaica a ghetto movement". I mean fuck, these people have been filing complaints and calling 311 and nothing from the Stepin Fetchit Jamaica leaders. Yet these folks complaining in the video probably voted for those same lazy ass clowns.

Hopeless Jamaica. Glad I have just a few more weeks in that cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Why do some cars get removed by the police and others get removed by sanitation? What's the difference?

And why aren't the owners ticketed to hell and back? And sell the car at auction if they remain unpaid? Since when does the City pass up easy money like that?

georgetheatheist said...

When will the TV investigative newshounds like the venerable Arnold Diaz, check into the ineffectual 311 system? That bureaucratic waste of citizens' time needs to have the light shed on it.

JQ LLC said...

311 is a joke and must be eliminated. Noise complaints get thrown in the memory hole in New Fun City 2.0.

As well as damaged vehicles. Apparently, the main offenders of this scourge is the NYPD. Other stories have been popping up lately about this current blight in other neighborhoods, mostly nice upper class ones. I don't know if that's the case here, Arnold doesn't really go into depth, but the quickness that these were removed in the clip and the obvious face saving response is a good tell that it might be.

Anonymous said...

Dang! I junked that same car forty years ago! How can I get it back?
Is it another Obama cash-for-clunker scam?

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a 68-69.

Anonymous said...

Anon asked on 9/28 : Why do some cars get removed by the police and others get removed by sanitation? What's the difference?

From, Here is the difference:
Regarding abandoned (aka derelict) vehicles on PUBLIC property:
If the vehicle has at least one plate, the report goes to the local police precinct (NYPD).
If the vehicle has no plates, the report goes to Sanitation (DSNY).
For abandoned vehicles on PRIVATE property, inc. empty lots, there is another procedure.
This is the web site for all: