Monday, September 11, 2017

BDB claims he was not aware of hidden cash

From the Daily News:

Maybe Mayor de Blasio was too busy campaigning to read how a loophole in the city's Campaign Finance Board has allowed a powerful lobbying firm to stay under the radar as one of his fund-raisers.

Constantinople & Vallone steered $60,900 in campaign cash to de Blasio, but was not required to be listed as a fundraiser with the city's finance board, the Daily News reported Sunday.

The mayor said he hadn’t read it.

"I haven't seen that story specifically," he told Rita Cosby on 77 WABC when asked about the News’ story.

Under the city's campaign-finance law, city candidates must detail the names of their fund-raisers and how much they raised to the city's Campaign Finance Board.

But Constantinople & Vallone is not listed online as a de Blasio fund-raiser because the firm was on host committees for campaign-sponsored events. Hosts are not deemed intermediaries or fund-raisers if the campaign covers the event.

The money raised was listed on obscure filings with the City Clerk's Lobbying Bureau.


(sarc) said...

The ethical dilemma for an avowed communist,

How do you accept all the money from capitalists

AND SUPPORT their financial interests???

Anonymous said...

Does BDB stand for Big Dope from Brooklyn ?

JQ LLC said...

He is such a cunning jerkoff. If this idiot get's re-elected, it will be four more years of "I didn't know that" or "I didn't read that".

And Sal has to win, because Nicole is really running a moronic campaign, for she has no idea how to deal with the homeless crisis, the rapid decline of small business and hyper-development either. It almost seems like she is trying to lose.

faster340 said...

Why do people drinking this dopes Kool-Aid? I don't get. He knows where every fucking dollar is!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's fully evident that the only time Mr. Wilhelm is lying is when he opens his mouth. Bloomberg was somewhat pompous, but buddy Warren is just one dislikable human being.

Anonymous said...

Why should this openly practicing scourge of total corruption worry about political consequences, when Preet Bharara just gave him the greed light to continue to destroy all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency, especially when the King of Albany himself, Gargoyle Andy Cuomo is not in handcuffs - and ironically the ones who WERE in handcuffs (i.e., Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos and son Adam, Joe Bruno, to name but a few of the most crooked), are still walking free, as We, the Taxpayer continue to pay the ultimate price for their totally corrupt and disgusting contempt for law and order (what's that?).

Meanwhile, these legally organized crime thugs continue to collect their taxpayer-funded, defined city and state pensions for which I and everyone else don't receive, when these were supposed to be lifetime benefits for their honest and hardworking subjects?

No wonder New York State is a padded, political cell of epic fail!

Anonymous said...

````JQ LLC said...

```` ....

````And Sal has to win, because Nicole is really running a moronic campaign, for she has no idea how to deal with the homeless crisis, the rapid decline of small business and hyper-development either. It almost seems like she is trying to lose.

Sal is still paying within the narrow margins within which the Democratic Party wants him to play. To break-out, he has to break-out, but he's obviously not courageous enough, or else he is being poorly advised. Since I can't tell which is true, it follows that other activists probably can't tell which is true, either.

In this election year, de Blasio almost went down on Federal corruption charges. The editorial boards of many dailies have described the large real estate projects that de Blasio has backed as examples of pay-to-play corruption. Many big money donors have turned off the spigots, bc of the Federal corruption scrutiny. In Queens, the MIH/ZQA rezoning amendments were hugely unpopular, yet de Blasio strong-armed the City Council to pass them. The homeless crisis. All of these should have given a primary challenger entry to out-flank de Blasio, but Sal still holds back. Sal won half as much of the primary vote than he would have needed to have stood out. It's not enough that we need an alternative to de Blasio, but the alternative we get has to demonstrate that he will be a fighter for the people. Sal is holding back. Even if Sal won (let's pray to God), he's not showing that he's a fighter. Where's the fight in him? Once you become mayor, it's not just enough to give lip service to the people, you have to fight the system from within to make changes to public policy that the people can feel and appreciate and that can make a material difference in people's lives. Where's the fight?

JQ LLC said...

Very good and detailed synopsis/response last anon. I am pulling for Albanese, but he has been campaigning like the Giants offensive line. Still, the hydra of establishment politics being voter and news apathy, ubiquitous and unlimited donor money and the dnc machine is too much to handle.

There needs to be a real resistance...