Friday, September 1, 2017

Astoria's Columbus statue vandalized

From Eyewitness News:

"Don't Honor Genocide" was spray painted in blue paint on the monument of Christopher Columbus in Queens.

This statue is the latest across the country to be marred by vandalism in the wake of the deadly Charlottesville rally.

It's all making many officials question whether New York City should remove monuments of other controversial figures.

An employee from the Sanitation Department spent just about his whole day working on it, but try as he might, he just couldn't wash it away.

"It's against America," said Adrianna, a parkgoer.

Folks stopped in Columbus Triangle Park in Astoria, to take pictures of the vandalism of the statue of Christopher Columbus Thursday.

Someone had written with a stubborn blue paint over a stencil: "Don't honor genocide," a reference to Columbus' actions as a conqueror after he landed in 1492.

"He came to discover the new world and this is how he's treated," said Joe DiPietro, a parkgoer.


georgetheatheist said...

The gentleman with the mustache in the video at 1:18 and 2:25 is Joseph DiPietro. He's more than a "parkgoer" as the copy reads. Di Pietro is the President of the Federation of Italian-American Organizations of Queens which sponsors a yearly Queens County Columbus Day parade in early October. This parade originates at the Kaufman Astoria studios, goes down Steinway Street, and winds up at the now-vandalized Columbus statue on Astoria Boulevard. The parade is a glorious celebration of Italian-American culture as well as entrepreneurial endeavor.

At the parade's conclusion at the very foot of this magnificent statue various politicians and dignitaries yearly praise the exploits of the Great Navigator. Among the friendly laudatory speakers, over the years, have been the Vallones, Peter Sr. and Peter Jr.; Councilman Constantindes; State Senator Gianaris; and Assemblywoman Simotas.

Joseph Di Pietro, President of the Federation of Italian-American organizations of Queens: will these same political figures stand by you now in vociferously CONDEMNING this recent destructive act of vandalism? And MORE IMPORTANTLY, will they lend their voices in support of the great accomplishments that Columbus gave to western society? Joseph DiPietro, will these individuals stand by your side strongly and courageously in you and your organization's - indeed in civilization's - time of need? Or will they bend to the winds of so-called "political correctness?

We'll be listening and watching.

Leave it up! Trumpet Columbian greatness.

georgetheatheist said...

As to the quite often alluded to belief in the "innocence' of the so-called "native peoples" who populated the "new world":

These indigenous whom Columbus discovered on his voyages NEEDED European civilization. They engaged in savage practices such as cannibalism and HUMAN SACRIFICE. (When will the annual pow-wow at the Queens Farm Museum have a human heart evisceration contest?) These so-called "natives" migrated to the area from Asia via the Bering Strait and they - the Beringians - USURPED the lands of the preceding settlers from the European continent. These, the original TRUE natives were EUROPEANS from the area of northern Spain/southern France. They are known historically as the Solutreans. Professor DENNIS STANFORD of the Smithsonian Institution has pointed out in "Across the Atlantic Ice" the similarities between spear points found in the Americas (the Clovis culture) with the spear points found in the Solutrean areas of Europe.

Bottom line? Columbus of European origin reclaimed from the Asiatic Beringian interlopers the European origins of the Western hemisphere.

Smash this cultural Marxism which the leftist are trying to promulgate in their insidious way of destroying the United States. Hail the Great Columbus! Indeed the Great Navigator. The bringer of western civilization to the savage. Nothing to be ashamed about or to fell guilt over.

All hail Columbus!

georgetheatheist said...

Check it out. What existed BEFORE the arrival of Columbus. A "NATIVE AMERICAN" RELIGIOUS PRACTICE. (Looks like a current vibrant and diverse Queens County street fair.)

Hail Columbus!

Joe Moretti said...

A can of worms have been opened not only dumBlasio, but the democratic party, which is as great as dividing the people as our the Republicans.

This whole statue idiotic debate was a big slippery slope and all do to bullshit politically correct crap. You cannot compare what someone did or did not do from one time period to another time period, especially when there are differences of centuries. AND a slippery slope it is. Say 50 years from now, the Muslim population is in the USA is the dominant force, just what do you think would happen with this can of worms that was opened. You don't erase history because you don't like it.

Again, just another magic trick of look over here at the stupid PC crap, while over hear we fuck you in the ass many times on issues we don't want you focusing on. It is the old political three card monte hustle.

I guess if Columbus was Muslim or Black or Jewish, we would not have this conversation in NYC.

We know what the Italians gave to this country and the world, tell me what the Muslims, the Middle Easterns, etc gave besides food to the United States. Cheap crappy third world apartment buildings in Queens with Fedder air conditioners and rusty balconies used as storage and hanging clothes.

deBalsio, you and that side bitch of yours, Melissa, started this bullshit. Keep dividing US, you could teach Trump lessons.

Anonymous said...

Indeed the indigenous people who Columbus ??discovered?? were savages. To say that they "needed" western civilization is absurd. The uncharted people of Australia, Bolivia and Papa New Guineau etc... are savages and are what the indigenous people would have come to be if it weren't for Columbus ' s "discovery".

These people are living just fine and are existing without Western Civilization.

Marxism, leftist etc are a direct result of western civilization. There are no gay rights in Aboriginal society. There is no welfare in the Amazonia jungles of Bolivia. They don't preach non violence is Papa New Guinea or animals rights. There is no environmental protection agency tree hugging in these places. There is NO diversity in non-Western civilized places. They are a homogenous society.

You CANNOT have Western Civilization without leftism. You cannot have Western Civilization without Marxism.

Anonymous said...

This is the result of 4 years of dublazio. The complete breakdown, splintering and shitification of New York society. Lucky us that we only two more terms to go.

Anonymous said...

First we stopped teaching history, then we erase it (the current statue madness) and then we rewrite it. Forget Nostradamus, George Orwell was the real profit. Anybody see '1984' on a required reading list lately?

Anonymous said...

The mainstream fakenews media, in their relentless attempt to oppose and depose President to Trump, has embraced and defended the violence and intransigence of this small group of anarchists who want to destroy and re-write our great history. There'll be no end to this. Wait until they demand that we change the name of our national capital, destroy Mount Rushmore, change our money, and so and so.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Prophet, sorry. I really miss my caffeinated coffee.

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Statue of Hate. Columbus can live on where he belongs: in the history books.

Gary W said...

The stupid is strong in these people. MMV and deBlaz are two twisted fucks who need to go. Is MMV that willfully ignorant not to know she wouldn't be here without Columbus? And if it wasn't Columbus it would have been someone else eventually.

Collectively New Yorkers are some of the dumbest fucks on the planet. My proof? Our political class.

Anonymous said...

Instead of empty gestures...wake up to the current tyrants you dummies have elected to screw you....LIKE THE VALLOMES AND VAN BRAMERS!

georgetheatheist said...

"The most stupendous event in the history of mankind." - Frank of Queens

The greatest caller ever to Talk Radio, FRANK OF QUEENS, commented years ago on the Bob Grant Show about the significance of Columbus. Give a listen (3:43) HERE.

Anonymous said...

To expound on Joe Moretti's comment, the Democratic Party has become a complete and total Anti-American movement. Pure and Simple. The Enemy has breached the Gates. Their purpose is to overthrow the Country and create a Statist, entitlement dependent population. And what galls me is how moderates in the Party, some who you would think still have a sense of what personal excellence and self determination means, are willing to forward this caustic cause for theirs. And the MSM is there as a dedicated enabler to it all.

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE whats going on in this country. This is genocide in a new form folks. Rather than murder us in the physical they are murdering our history and culture, pitting us against each other and creating mass hysteria which is far more demonic. And you have to ask the big question - who is behind this ? It can't possibly be descendants of Europeans that are mind f'g everyone into believing that our fore-fathers were evil bastards. So that leaves us with 3 categories of immigrants that have infiltrated our culture and are planning a takeover.

If our political leaders can not and do not clear the air as to the significance of honoring the explorers and founders of this GREAT Country then the planet is doomed for WE - The United States Of America - set the bar for what it means to be FREE, CIVILIZED, and UNITED.

Need I say more

Anonymous said...

A slap in the face to every Italian in the City.

Will only be a matter of time before they start doing this to people, too.

Anonymous said...

These leftist terrorist scumbags need to be dealt with pronto.
Better yet, get their sponsor, international criminal George Soros, the destroyer of USA and Europe.
In the US alone criminal Soros is sponsoring 206 groups with various agendas, including violence.
Hang them all!

Anonymous said...

Its more that DeBlaz - he is a nitwit and bit player in the bigger picture.

The point is that Breitbart's Gannon is accomplishing what he set out to do - make the mainline Democrats go nuts with extreme stuff - tearing down statues, the anti-fa, the gender bullshit, and now the socialists Bernie and Warren taking over the party and moving it to the left.

Yea, Trump is bad. But the Demo-dummies are Demoing-their party...and the stuff they want, immigrant, transgender, anti religion and anti western culture - people either don't give a shit about or are very unsettled over.


Anonymous said...

This is so stupid. The statues are not doing anything to people. I don't even know why columbus is in this. Columbus didn't discover America and didnt even set foot here. I don't know how he even got involved in this. I dont even know why we celebrate him in the usa to begin with.

Anonymous said...

You CANNOT have Western Civilization without leftism. You cannot have Western Civilization without Marxism.
Given that western civilization was born in Greece around 500 BC, I suspect your comment about Marxism might be a wee bit off...

M. How said...

THIS IS DISGUSTING. Who do these brainless wonders think they are? This is supposed to be OUR HERITAGE -- not just Italian but ALL Americans. Not a select group but OURS!
Repeat: OURS!

How dare they assume that we want the eradication of our history? Who gives them the right to take from American citizens what we paid for with our tax dollars and have treasured all these years?

I am not Italian but I am fuming and would do some serious damage to the person who did this damage -- if I could locate him or her. Prison and hefty fines are on the agenda. This is vandalism and against the law!

In this age of technology is there no way to set up remote cameras on ALL our statues? Surely deBlasio could come up with enough money to fund this suggestion.

He claims to be Italian AND American. Let's see if he comes through.

M. How said...

Recently it has been noted by people posting political videos on Youtube that they have been suspended. No reason given. An emailed newsletter I receive from a pundit reporting on religious situations and thoughts around the World have also been banned from G00gle. In addition, Paypal has cancelled their ability to channel donations through its corporation.

It seems that Youtube, G00gle and Paypal are arbitrarily censoring what they deem to be objectionable to their ideals using staff and algorhythms. There are no guidelines just arbitrary and random decisions. Inquiries garner no reasons or explanations.

This is very a disturbing situation. Why? It prevents differing ideas and both sides of any argument or observation to be voiced. It hurts those of us who want to hear both sides of what people have to say as well as those who want to express their opinions and ideas.

Are we heading toward a totalitarian takeover? First, censor speech, monitor email and phone conversations, eliminate history and its statues, then silence commentators.

The USSR stifled free speech, jailed dissenters, banned religion. China's Cultural Revolution destroyed books and people, rewrote history and reeducated everyone. Death to those who objected, those who had the temerity to speak out, those expressing differing opinions.

Are we headed down the same path? The signs are everywhere. We, as Americans, cannot ignore this trend. If we do we may as well throw out the Constitution, wave goodbye to any form of freedom. And, while we're at it, chalk up World War I and World War II as mistakes and all the thousands of Americans who died defending our way of life. Will all that death and destruction be for naught?

People, wake up, speak up, voice your opinions, even if your family, your friends or your neighbors will ridicule you. If we remain voiceless we will end up in a country we cannot call America. Do you want that for your children or your grandchildren? Most importantly do you want that for yourself? Could you live in a dictatorship? Don't pooh pooh that thought. Look how laws in Europe and Canada have been voted into law restricting free speech. It could happen here, too.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. 

Anonymous said...

Similar tactics were used by BOLSHEVIKS during the 1917 Soviet Communist revolution.

is the Dem party taken over by the BOLSHEVIK MOB?

Gary W said...

See most people with even a slight bit of intelligence would read 1984 and understand it for what it is, a cautionary tale. The likes of MMV and duBlaz think it's a fucking how to guide.

Trump baited these morons brilliantly. All he had to do was ask what statues are next, and these mental defectives couldn't wait to show their true colors!

(sarc) said...

If only we could tear down ALL these symbols of "hate"!

Then there would be no more problems.


Anonymous said...

Those who support Marxism have never lived under it. My family escaped Soviet Ukraine and they would refer to you as a DURAK.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Gianaris, Mystery Mike, the Great Liberal, praise enthusiastically the exploits of Columbus at this year's Astoria parade. Right at the feet of the statue just like in the past years. Or Mike, you have another appointment that day?

Anonymous said...

Errr... Celebrating Columbus is kind of weird...

Rob in Manhattan said...

".... "Columbus's government was characterised by a form of tyranny," Consuelo Varela, a Spanish historian who has seen the document, told journalists.[84] "Even those who loved him had to admit the atrocities that had taken place"

Columbus was the vessel of imperialism, slavery and genocide. His voyages were for the sole purpose of rendering the spoils of conquest to his benefactors.

He did NOT "discover" America -Leif Erickson could more-rightly lay claim to that.

In grade school I, like most kids were fed all that Nina-Pinta bullshit. It wasn't until I got to collage that I began to read the truth.

What you are seeing now is just a reaction to people finally demanding that truth about Columbus and all the other myths and legends foisted upon us.

It is too bad we can't sue for educational malpractice.

Anonymous said...

is the Dem party taken over by the BOLSHEVIK MOB?

Certainly seems that way.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I just skimmed all these incredibly stupid comments.

The 'dem party is anti-american' - says the republican supporter of nazis in the white house.

'They are erasing history' - says the clown who never opened a book.

'This is supposed to be OUR HERITAGE' - your heritage, not mine. Ever stop to think about other races? No of course you don't.

"The point is that Breitbart's Gannon is accomplishing what he set out to do - make the mainline Democrats go nuts with extreme stuff - tearing down statues, the anti-fa, the gender bullshit, and now the socialists Bernie and Warren taking over the party and moving it to the left."

Please. Breitbart isn't changing the narrative, only exposing how racist and completely stupid the right really is.

"Will only be a matter of time before they start doing this to people, too."
God shut up you lunatic. White people aren't getting slapped around for the color of their skin. Black people have been, for decades now. You're not the victim dumbass.

Anonymous said...

"'This is supposed to be OUR HERITAGE' - your heritage, not mine. Ever stop to think about other races? No of course you don't."...You are missing the whole point Einstein. There is no 'your history', 'my history', it is history PERIOD. The facts of what went on in the past do not change, right or wrong, like it or not. This is why history is studied, so we learn from the past and don't repeat mistakes in the future.

Mitchell said...

So no more Colombus Day ???

Anonymous said...

The 'dem party is anti-american' - says the republican supporter of nazis in the white house.

Your mama is the Nazi you lowlife. Comparing President Trump and his staff to mass murderers is a page out of the GEORGE SOROS plyabook.
You commie scum.

Anonymous said...

So no more Colombus Day ???

One more day off gone.
Wonder if corporations are sponsoring this non-sense, you know less days off.

Anonymous said...

Can they give me some heads up before they blow up the Verrazano Narrows Bridge? It's named after an another Italian with shady past, maybe with mob connections too. That could upset them too.

This is property damage, vandalism. What kind of idiots spend their time doing things like this?

Will they be changing the name of the Hutchinson Parkway because it was named after a white woman and her family who were brutally murdered in cold blood by American Indians?

georgetheatheist said...

This is Labor Day weekend where we celebrate the contributions of working men and women. But Columbus Day weekend is when we celebrate not only Italian heritage but also entrepreneurial endeavor - the engine of economic employment.

Smash Cultural Marxism! All Hail Columbus!

Anonymous said...

Can they give me some heads up before they blow up the Verrazano Narrows Bridge?

How about NEW YORK?

The Duke of York owned lots of slaves!

So snowflakes, commies and Soros shills get cracking!

Will rename NYC to DeBlasio's Ghetto.

Washington DC? Will become Clinton City or Bubba's Oral Sex on the Potomac.

Rob in Manhattan said...

georgetheatheist said...

But Columbus Day weekend is when we celebrate not only Italian heritage but also entrepreneurial endeavor - the engine of economic employment.

What a crock of bullshit. The guy had had NO practical role in the formation of this country. He was long dead before it was founded.

He was an employee of foreign bastards. His "job" was to rape 'n rob and bring back the loot to enrich them.

Anyone who considers that an "entrepreneurial endeavor" is sick.

Stop making the telling of truth into another stupid "culture war".

Put that statue in a museum.

There are plenty of truly worthy AMERICANS to commemorate.

Anonymous said...