Monday, November 19, 2012

Linden Place construction delayed for 2 more years

From the Times Ledger:

The construction of a crucial road in the fight against College Point traffic has been delayed yet again, even while the development of the College Point Police Academy has proceeded at a clip.

Community Board 7 has wanted a portion of Linden Place repaired since the late 1980s after the road was closed due to flooding about a decade earlier.

Civic leaders said the city Economic Development Corp. first projected the work would be completed about four years ago, but last Thursday found out the road is not slated for completion until 2014.

“It’s a huge problem and it’s unacceptable,” said Chuck Apelian, chairman of the College Point Corporate Park Task Force. “They were able to get the police academy approved, in the ground and built. But we can’t get a road.”

The first phase of the College Point Police Academy is set to be operational in December 2013 and will include about 900 parking spaces to accommodate commuters to the training facility just off the Whitestone Expressway.

Apelian, also vice chairman of CB 7, said the reopening of Linden Place is crucial to accommodate the increased traffic the police academy will bring, especially when other developments in the area are taken into consideration.


Anonymous said...

Look at all the 1960s maps and you will see a Willets Point WSEW exit that was never built.

Anonymous said...

To be expected.
CB#7 has got to go. It's a useless body of has beens.
Where's their outrage regarding this?

Anonymous said...

What a tangle of vehicular congestion!

This is Flushing 11354. Car 54 where are you?

If you should need the NYPD in a hurry, maybe
"The Police" rock group is a better bet.