Sunday, November 25, 2012

Resistance is futile

From the NY Post:

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson has decided to clear the decks for his 2013 mayoral run by paying a record-breaking fine of nearly $600,000 for plastering the city with illegal campaign posters during his previous race for City Hall, The Post has learned.

That leaves only Comptroller John Liu among the mayoral contenders still fighting six-figure penalties incurred in 2009 for poster violations.

Thompson had been challenging the 7,925 summonses issued to his old campaign at hearings before the Environmental Control Board that have stretched on for three years.

He lost a final appeal before an administrative panel in September but still had a chance to overturn the ECB’s verdict by going to court.

A campaign spokesman said Thompson has instead decided to end the battle and pay up.

Thompson owes $594,375. His payment would be the largest ever made for campaign-poster infractions.

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Anonymous said...

Inconsequential. They'll (Bill Thompson or any other politician for the matter) figure out a way for us to pay for it anyway.