Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bloomberg cursed out Smith over National Guard help

From the NY Post:

When Queens state Sen. Malcolm Smith asked the mayor to send the National Guard to patrol the Rockaways a day after Superstorm Sandy hit, Hizzoner said, “F--k you,’’ a source told The Post.

Smith confirmed that he called the mayor to request the Guard after looting broke out in the area, which is part of his district.

“We exchanged aggressive words about the use of the National Guard,” Smith said when asked about the spat.

“I saw the devastation. I saw the looting going on. People were all over the street. Things were out of control. Someone even tried to break into my car with me in it. The mayor felt the resources we had were fine,” Smith recalled.

“In the end, I was correct and the National Guard got involved.”

Bloomberg had initially said, “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

But spokesman Marc LaVorgna said the mayor never dropped the F-bomb and welcomed the Guard’s help in search-and-rescue missions — but thought the NYPD could handle security.


Miguel Bloomberg said...

[Nasally.] Carajo Malcolm, hijo de puta! No me chingues. Vete a tomar por el culo. Vayase en el infiermo, idiota.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Of course Emperor Bonaparte Bloomberg didn't want to look like he'd lost control of his campaign against New York.

Ray Kelly's NYPD forces are his forces, but calling in the National Guard would look like the emperor was hiring Prussian mercenaries.

Anonymous said...

Bloomtard used the "F" word?
He's looking more and more like a cold hearted ass as each day passes.
Der Bloomie has thrown another one of his hissy fits.

And, of course, he's not going to watse resources on a "minority " Rockaway nabe.
What....take away police from the upper east side?

Bloom-Hitler's program of ethnic cleansing...
the hollowing out of neighborhoods...continues with this latest of social engineering moves.

Jerry Rotondi said...

"F--k you" too, your honor!
You can't always have your bratty way!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's F*ck you to Smith was more of a F*ck you to the whole of Queens County.
Let's face it, the mayor doesn't give a sh*t anout Queens.After all it's just one of the areas that usurps resources from his Manhattan.

Miguel Bloomez said...

"Amigos...fuck you...por favor"!

Anonymous said...

This establishes protocol for the lame duck midget's future appearances.Imagine chants of F- you, asshole at all his events. What a sendoff! Couldn't happen to a "NICER" GUY!

Anonymous said...

It would be in everyone's best interest if the looters from Hammels and other Rockaway housing NYCHA projects and any other government subsided housing in Rockaway, section 8, choice advantage, blah-blah be put up in mobile homes right next door to where Bloomberg resides. Mike wouldn't have to go too far for his photo opportunities and press conferences. As our dear mayor does not reside in Gracie Mansion, only uses it for dog and pony shows, that space could be made available to people displaced by Hurricane Sandy from the Rockaways. My suggestion is that the Hammels residents be placed there immediately. Young men from age 11 to age 27, throw in a few young women & lets see how much looting they can accomplish on East End & York Avenues.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm's running for Mayor??!! You heard it here first

Anonymous said...