Thursday, November 15, 2012

Does anyone inspect scaffolding?

The following images were sent in by a reader.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

I posted DOB scaffolding concerns yesterday 14th street west village and did not call 311 as calling 311 futile.

I called Dept of investigation on DOB and still nothing.

Under Bloomberg how many scaffolding deaths?


Anonymous said...

That's great!
Somebody could have lost their head!

Anonymous said...

I walk under too many of these each day and always feel nervous about how they are constructed. These structures is sort of like putting a free standing fence with unattached beams and unattached corrugated metal panels on top - this design is a loose combination of heavy lethal materials that if improperly done will kill or injury potentially many folks!

Anonymous said...

The company ain't losing any sleep over this.

Missing Foudation said...

Minor collateral damage.

Nothing can stop the Cult of Develpment!

Anonymous said...

Mother nature can!
Even dumb yuppies have wised up to that, in view of the recent weather events.

Anonymous said...

The most fun is when rusty scaffolding bits end up underneath your collar while you walk under them.