Sunday, November 25, 2012

Downtown Flushing free-for-all

Flushing is such a booming success that people have to be told to do their holiday gift buying out of town.

They've even got hawkers out on Main St. Pushing the bus service.

All encouraging you to shop elsewhere.

Then theres the obstacle course of junk stands and signs to bump into.

Is that good business... Encouraging people to shop elsewhere?

I guess nobody wants to shop in Flushing...I wonder if the BID knows about these jitneys going to Long Island and upstate.

Blocking sidewalks again on a busy street.

You can barely pass through.

39 Av off Main St. The sign standing except trucks unloading and in the other direction is metered parking. It doesn't say anything about a shuttle bus stop.

Where's the improvement that the BID promised and do they know about all this crap going on? - The Flushing Phantom


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, the Borough President of Queens, Helen Marshall, is on the case. She will personally lie down in the streets in front of these vans to prevent them from leaving. Way to go, Helen! Always looking out for the welfare of our beloved borough.

Anonymous said...

There's another sign in the background offering legal immigration papers ... Make a right on Union Street and ring bell,,,

Anonymous said...

That so called BID is a joke! The area is as disgusting as it ever was. Beard the Macy's will be pulling the plug soon.

Anonymous said...

With all the ongoing constructions, it's going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for Francis Marrone or another Times luminary to write yet another glowing tribute to Flushing and its world class cuisine.

Anonymous said...

First that shabby retail shanty town in front of Queens Crossing (since removed...thanks to Queens Crap's exposure). Now this crap comes along to add to Flushing's congestion and impassable sidewalks.

Hip, hip, HORRAY!
What a rousing suck-sess Flush Town has become.'d better get your councilman on this case. It's time for Peter Koo to do another walk about town!

"Sleigh bells ring...are you listening...all around, snow is glistening?
The future looks bright...we're happy tonight...walking through a winter (make that GHETTO) wonderland".

Officer Krupkie said...

HELLO....109th PCT!
Where are you to enforce the violation of traffic laws?

Anonymous said...

Calling CB#7!
Yo Gene! You Chuck! Yo Marilyn!

Are you all out shopping on Long Island for the holidays and DIDN'T notice this?

Anonymous said...

It looks like even Flushing's Orientals are boarding these jitneys and journeying out out of town to do the Tanger Tango and the Woodbury Waltz.

Can you blame them. What has Floo-shing got to offer?

I went to Sky View Center mall the day before Thanksgiving to pick up a gift. It was relatively empty at Best Buy....more salespeople than customers. The whole mall doesn't appear to have the volume of foot traffic that other malls do.

I guess the locals don't even want to shop there...
preferring the Tanger Outlets and Woodbury Commons instead.

Anonymous said...

The residents of Flushing ("New arrivals" to the US) are a law unto themselves. Our laws just don't apply there. More "Vibrant Diversity"

Anonymous said...

That place is Koo Koo!!!

Anonymous said...

In the attached pictures take a look how filthy dirty the sidewalks and streets look. Who would like to shop in a shopping district like that ?

Joe said...

As much as I HATE Flushing the junk sheds are good for some stuff.
Reminds me to get my annual $30 Rolex, some HDMI splitters & cables.

Cables: You cant touch any of this stuff in Radio Shack, Best Buy, PC Richards without taking out a mortgage.
These greedy pricks have cables and peripherals from the same Asian factory's re-packaged and marked up 10X-100X the cost.

Anonymous said...

Some type of enterprising businessman should open up a discount/ good bargain clothing store where Joe Burger/The Wiz used to be.

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Who the f--k goes to Radio Shack these days to be ripped off....$20 for a USB to digi-cam cable ?

Not me!

Joe, try those "Tri Sonic" products for sale in the 99 cents mall on Main Street. BTW, "Tri-Sonic" (I believe) is headquartered in College Point.

Almost any legitimate 99 cent discount store carries these heavily discounted items.

There's no need to set up sub-code fire hazard sheds along the curb to sell them.

Anonymous said...

Nobody could afford the rent at the Joe Burger location. That's why it went under.


Isn't it THEIR JOB to be IMPROVING Flushing?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Are those jitneys properly licensed?
Are its drivers experienced enough?
Could I feel safe riding in one, if I chose to?

Anonymous said...

The top van doesn't even have a plate on the front.

Anonymous said...

I observed that most of the people who were boarding those jitneys are Chinese. It looks like even the local Chinese are disgusted with Flushing too.

If it's too filthy for Orientals, imagine what Occidental shoppers (who are used to more sanitary conditions) are thinking.

Anonymous said...

And the 109th PCT is just a block and a half away!
Hey, Captain De Jour...what do you intend to do about this?

I can't keep track of the latest 109th commander. They change them like underwear every 2 years.

If this is known among law enforcement as the "promotion precinct"...what do these officers get promoted for...allowing Asians to break the law with impunity?

Anonymous said...

The van operator probably just emigrated here from Taipei or Fujian province.

"Plates, I don't need no steenking plates".

Anonymous said...

And the 109th PCT is just a block and a half away!
Hey, Captain De Jour...what do you intend to do about this?

I can't keep track of the latest 109th commander. They change them like underwear every 2 years.

If this is known among law enforcement as the "promotion precinct"...what do these officers get promoted for...allowing Asians to break the law with impunity?
-----------------------------------The average stay for a Commanding Officer in any precinct is roughtly two years.
I see cops on Main and Rooosevelt every day going after VTL violators. But you could put every cop on the day tour from the 109 on Main Street to enforce the traffic laws and you still wouldn't be able to catch every violator. Of course, the more cops you put there, the less there is to respond to jobs around the rest of the precinct. And geographically, it IS a large area for a precinct to cover.

georgetheatheist said...

Compare the crap that the local BID does for Flushing as to what the local BID does for Jamaica. It's like night and day. The Jamaica BID's Director, Laurel Brown, is one smart cookie.

Jamaica Center Improvement Association

Busses of shoppers COME to Downtown Jamaica from Pennsylvania and New England.

Joe said...

Jamaica---I dig it George.
Ebonic neighborhoods are always the best place to buy men's sneakers and replacement speakers.
They even have hot salted pretzels, chestnuts and Allstate wholesale electronics down there.
If you need a LCD TV backlight, oddball IC or semiconductor quick its the only place left to go. Lenny and Green Tele Radio is long GONE !

Anonymous said...

There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to come to Flushing for any garment/fashion/clothes related purchase.

Macy's really doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

Here goes our resident cop sucker defending the shady 109th PCT again!

Let's hear it for our poor overworked police officers.

Maybe if a lot of them didn't have to commute from their homes in Nassau County every day, they wouldn't be so tired!

GTF out there and do your damn job!

We are not talking about catching EVERY violator.
39th Ave. seems to be a hot spot. NAIL 'EM you lazy grafters!

Maybe opening a Dunkin Donuts stand on 39 Ave. might get the 109th interested.

Anonymous said...

I think that the 109th Community Council is getting pissed at the comments.

Anonymous said...

Putting out every cop on the day tour?
Nobody here suggested that you idiot.

JEEEEZ...the precinct is a f----g stone's throw away!
A patrol car can't pass by between 9 to 10 AM to see waz up?

While we're at it, how many whore houses are operating under the very noses of the "illustrious" 109th within only a few blocks of the precinct?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are mANY precincts that commanders spend more than 2 years at!

Next lie!

Anonymous said...

Turn out some traffic enforcement agents, like they do in Bayside, if the 109th has no time for this.

They don't have this kind of problem there because their business organization puts in real work.

The Flushing BID doesn't seem to be doing anything.

I think it's just a group of tongs that meet occasionally to make sure that none of them intrudes on the other's turf.

Anonymous said...

And CB#7 does as little as possible about anything other than bending over backwards to please developers.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is a Dunkin Donuts located on 39th Ave.
I see bus drivers stop there but no cops.

It seems like you can't even entice an officer of the law to pass by, even with a 1/2 dozen Boston creme donuts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the immigration status of these violators needs to be checked!

Anonymous said...

I wonder, how much money does the Flushing BID take in each year ?

A BID has the power to levy a surtax which is spent on improving the business district.

Where is the improvement for the money that the BID collects?

Can we look up what they net in taxes?
It's got to be public info that's available on line.

resident said...

I hold the BID mainly responsible.

Anonymous said...

Michael Meyers...
try pointing your northeast rooftop CCTV camera this way, and see how all of this brings down the image of Queens Crossing.

Maybe your group should also be complaining to the 109th PCT, CB#7 and the Flushing BID about this situation.

Jerry Rotondi said...

The Flushing BID certainly has a lot to answer for regarding the shabby and congested shopping environment of the downtown hub.

It appears that they've fallen down on the job, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that all tha Dutch Vlissingen stuff aside,Flushing is just ending up living up to its Anglicized name? Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Funny - Americans trample and threaten each other to buy Chinese-made crap on Black Friday, and Chinese people take the bus out to buy defected and irregular Western crap.

Anonymous said...

Here goes our resident cop sucker defending the shady 109th PCT again!
Just stating facts my friend. Sorry if you can't follow along. Anyway, it is better than being the resident anti-cop crybaby.

Anonymous said...

Anti cop cry baby? I doubt it.

Just like Sgt. Joe Friday, I'm just pointing out the facts...just the facts!

YEAH, I'm crying out to you lazy corrupt 109ers...

YOU are the ones who are the cry babies...retiring on almost 90 grand a year after putting in your 20!

Try writing tickets instead of collecting $$$$ from Asian whore house owners to look the other way.

Anonymous said...

I repeat...
the 109th PCT is located only about 1 1/2 blocks east.

I'll keep on repeating it until a cruiser is dispatched!

Ticket blitz these shady operators out of town!
There's a lot of good tax revenue going uncollected!

Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of people besides myself are EXTREMELY unhappy with the 109th's performance.

If the area is too large for the precinct to handle adequately...then another precinct is needed.

Let's hear from its commander on that.

Calling Councilman Koo. Start pushing for it!

How come CB#7 isn't hosting a few public discussions on setting up another police precinct...
maybe another firehouse too?

Flushing is bursting at the seams.

YEAH...I'm talking to you CB#7 Chairman and FDNY Captain (Lieutenant?) Eugene Kelty!

Anonymous said...

Compare these photos to the propaganda that the Flushing BID is spreading around. Its director must be red faced with embarrassment and rage!

May I suggest amending their street banners to read,

"Flushing...a destination of disappointment" ?

The Flushing Phantom said...

Here's an even better one...
"Flushing...the end of the line"!

Of course you know when you've arrived there.

You can smell it in your sleep.

Anonymous said...

Ah, fragrant Floo-shing...
let's bottle it..."Parfum De Poo-Poo"...with its distinctive crystal man hole cover stopper.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how many days it takes to clear away these that it's been reported to Queens Crap's action desk.

Those red shanties, across the street, were gone within 3 days, after they were highlighted on QC blogspot!

Thanks "Crappy".
YOU are doing the job that our lazy officials and corrupt news rags aren't!

Anonymous said...

I don't even bother to go to those outlets anymore. Too many bus loads of tiny Asian women buying 30+ LV or Coach bags at a time to resell later. As always, they find a way to make a shady dollar.

Chinese = Ferengi.

Anonymous said...

Fack Woodbury, I want to see Chinoy buses to Atlanta and Boston picking up in Flushing instead of trecking all the way to Times Square.

Anonymous said...

I love it...Chinese=Ferengi!
A Star Trekie speaks the truth!

Who's the Chinese Grand Nagus?

Peter Koo doesn't have the lobes for it.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't ride one of those Chinese Foxwood Casino buses either.

Their safety record is abysmal!

Didn't one of them turn over recently?

Anonymous said...

This is an abomination! Where is the BID?

Anonymous said...


Where is the BID, Peter Koo, Grace Meng, Toby Stavisky, CB#7, et al?

Doing zilch!

CB#7's Marilyn Bitterman is quite happy raking in her $95,000+ a year and shopping with "her own class" out on Long Island!

When Julia Harrison was around, Flushing looked much better! But the Chinese tongs had to malign her. They were behind branding her "anti Asian".

Nevertheless she STILL WON with about 65% of the vote!

If it weren't for term limits, she would have won a 3rd (maybe even a 4th) term.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't CB#7 meeting on a regular basis with the BID to clean up the town?

Why is Gene Kelty still chair of CB#7?
Why hasn't Chuck Apelian been bounced from the board?

Everybody just looks the other way!
Maybe they're right.
"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown".

If Floo-shing is really a Chinese colony, then we need a district manager and chair of CB#7 that are Chinese!

Anonymous said...

Erect a "Great Wall" around Flushing and redirect ALL transportation around it circumvents the whole area entirely.

Ignore Chinatown-Flushing and let it create its own economy, laws and survive or perish by it.

NO FURTHER TAX MONEY GOES TO THE AREA EITHER! Neither shall emergency services enter the zone.

If they want to exist on their own...abandon them to their own devices!

Passports must be obtained by the "round eyes"' if they choose to enter the colony.

Anonymous said...

Most of these shady businesses aren't paying taxes, so why should NYC take my tax money to serve them?

???? said...

P-S-S-S-T !

Maybe there are some micro cassette audio recordings in existence, that were made in Flushing, of certain discussions and meetings.
These might wind up forwarded to Queens Crap.

Does that sound interesting?
Stay tuned, and be sure not to miss a single episode!

You never know who's watching or listening.
Forget about Big Brother. Beware of Queens Crap!

Crappy is an ace at digging up all kinds of shit.

Anonymous said...

I went to Sky View Center mall the day before Thanksgiving to pick up a gift. It was relatively empty at Best Buy...


Well, duh. One shops the day after Thanksgiving.

And thanks to all the cops from Long Island who helped bring our murder rate down to 1960 levels. Including the ones who got killed trying — Figoski, Lopez, etc...